Viral Photos: ASUS Smartphone Explodes

An ASUS smartphone user warned others on social media site Facebook after his unit exploded while being charged. View the viral photos.

In a post Monday night, Seth Rbns said they were thankful that the unit did not explode on their faces. He also claimed that they had an 8 months old ASUS laptop which turned off by itself and sparked when charged. Fortunately, they were able to throw it outside of their house before it produced smoke.

"So much for ASUS brand. may gani wala mubuto sa among nawng. Naa sad koy laptop na isang ubo nlng pud. 8 months pa. Napalong lang siyag iya, then gi charge. then nag spark may gani nalabay sa gawas ug didto na nag aso," the netizen posted in local dialect.

Seth clarified that the smartphone is neither a second-hand unit nor it was dropped as it was fully operational and the owner is not a gamer. It was charged normally on an idle state.

"Basing naa sad moy ASUS na phone. Dli ni secondhand or nabundak. Fully capable and ang owner dli gamer. So gna charge lang siya normally nga dli gna gamit," he posted.

"This post is just to let everyone be aware as it may cause [greater] casualties to everyone," Seth added.

As of this posting, ASUS has not released a statement regarding the issue.

Are there ASUS smartphone owners who have a similar experience? Share it in the comments section below and let ASUS and others know.

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