Hold Graduation Rites Online, PH Schools, Universities Urged

As the number of COVID-19 patients continues to rise, schools and universities in the Philippines are urged to hold graduation rites online.

Classes have been cut short and school activities including graduation rites have been cancelled as a preventive measure against the rapid spreading of the deadly Coronavirus.

Major cities and some towns have declared community quarantine to prevent people from moving to places and getting infected by COVID-19. The lockdown has prompted educational institutions to shift from regular classes to scheduled online learning.

But what happens to those who are about to graduate this semester?

To appease or at least make graduating students happy at this very difficult and challenging times, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and universities are urged to hold graduation rites online instead of cancelling it.

As suggested, these are the steps to make it possible:
  1. Create a Facebook page for the purpose. Make use or take advantage of social media;
  2. Tell the graduating students to upload a picture or video that shows them wearing a toga;
  3. Have the photo or video posted on that page by album. One album, one department.

There's a difference between "graduated" and "completed," you know, so please be creative. Stay safe and healthy.

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