FPJ Reminds Stubborn People About Quarantine, Curfew In Viral Video Clip

Fernando Poe, Jr. reminded stubborn people about the Enhanced Community Quarantine and curfew then shoots them all in this viral video clip.

It feels good to watch the late FPJ, known as "The King of Philippine Movies," being given life on a timely appearance in a scene from one of his hit films, the original "Ang Probinsyano," during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The video posted by Facebook user Jan Villegas has gone viral on the social media site, with nearly 50,000 reactions and comments as well as over 116,000 shares.

How it was dubbed was perfect, the voice talents were amazing, and the clear message to observe strict home quarantine to curb the Coronavirus infection got across.

FPJ, Ronald Allan Kelley Poe in real life and a National Artist of the Philippines for Film, died of cerebral thrombosis with multiple organ failure while in coma at the age of 65 on December 14, 2004.

His persona has been and will always be admired by Filipinos. A handful of iconic "Da King" movies and the memories of his long career as the greatest action film star will stay forever in the minds of fans.

What if FPJ is alive now?

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