Davao 911 Terminates Personnel Over Quarantine Rules Violation

Davao's 911 central office has terminated two personnel for violating quarantine rules after one them was shot dead during an unofficial out-of-town trip.

The City Government of Davao posted the following official statement from Central 911 Chief Emmanuel Jaldon on Friday, May 15, 2020:

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A personnel of Davao City’s Central 911 Emergency Response Center has been terminated from employment following violation of Covid-19 quarantine rules.

Reego Vismanos was one of the personnel of Central 911 who figured in a shooting incident in Datu Paglas, Maguindanao in the afternoon of May 8, 2020.

While he survived the shooting, his companion, Joaquin Fordaliza, unfortunately, died.

It happened while Davao City was strictly implementing movement restrictions under the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Vismanos and Fordaliza’s trip to Maguindanao was unofficial. It remains to be a subject of a police investigation.

Obviously, however, there was a flagrant disregard of the measures that the City Government of Davao put in place to fight the spread of the deadly Covid-19. Because of this, the services of Mr Vismanos at Central 911 are being discontinued effective immediately.

Let this serve as a reminder for others that the City Government of Davao does not tolerate personnel who boldly defy policies — setting a bad example for others.

Speculations about the real reason behind the unofficial trip of the terminated 911 personnel in Davao are currently making rounds on social media.

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