HOW TO: Convert A Normal Picture, Post It As 3D Photo On Facebook

Check out the steps on how to convert a normal picture and post it as a 3D photo on Facebook. It can be done on any smartphone now.

The feature used to be available only on high end phones such as the iPhone and flagship Android units from Samsung and Huawei. Right now, uploading a 3D photo on Facebook is possible with mid-range smartphones as long as the picture was taken in Portrait or Aperture mode.

You can also achieve it for free, without using a third-party app.

These are the steps:
  • Go to your timeline after logging in to your Facebook account;
  • Tap an empty space where you can read the question "What's on your mind?";
  • Scroll down the options and tap "3D Photo";
  • Select a picture from your Gallery and Facebook will automatically create a 3D photo for you;
  • Wait for a second and presto! You have a 3D photo ready to be posted with or without a caption.

This is very useful for users who are into nature and food photography.

Although you can only upload one 3D photo at a time, it will surely get your Facebook friends' attention.

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