Fake Jollibee Delivery Facebook Page Scam Promo

A fake Jollibee Delivery Facebook page is curently scamming netizens with a bogus promo to gain likes and shares on the social media site.

Amid calls for a deeper investigation on the proliferation of cloned Facebook accounts, unscrupulous individuals and groups continue to fool people just to make money.

How do they do it?

First, they created a fake Facebook page and named it "Jollibee Delivery."

To entice netizens to share their page, they took a legitimate photo from the real Jollibee page, without permission, and re-uploaded it on the fake page with an invite for participants to "win a bucket meal."

Of course, no list of winners have been published because everything is fake.

The fake page was created on March 22, 2020, in time for the implementation of the community quarantine which was imposed by the government to curb the spreading of the deadly Coronavirus disease.

Because of the curfew and strict quarantine policies that prohibitied people from going out of their homes, more delivery services emerged. Scammers took this opportunity to make money.

Their most recent trick is the bogus "1,000 Chickenjoy buckets" promo in which Facebook users were told to like and share the page, tag 2 friends and comment with a screenshot to participate.

We found out that they just copied majority of the mechanics from the original post in 2016.

Once the fake Facebook page achieves the target number of followers, they will sell it to interested buyers. The buyer will rename the page after
a done deal and presto, they can promote products or even personalities automatically.

In a reply to our verification inquiry, Jollibee's social media arm has this to say:

Thank you for letting us know about this.

We wish to advise the public that the #ChickenjoyNation promo from the FB account Jollibee Delivery is not an official promo of Jollibee, and the said account is also not recognized by the brand.

Rest assured we have already taken action to put down the account to avoid the spread of false information to our fans and the public.

It is very easy to determine whether or not a Facebook page of a popular person or known brand is real. Just check if it has a blue checkmark below the profile picture or beside the name.

Beware of the bogus promo, joining it is just a waste of time. Facebook users are encouraged to report the fake Jollibee Delivery page.

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