COVID-19 Pandemic: How We Survived

The post on how we survived the COVID-19 pandemic since it began last year is based on personal experience and observation.

This author and entire family live in a developing city in the southermost part of the country where residents do not fear the deadly virus. Why? Because the local government and health authorities proactively impose protocols and precautionary measures to prevent the spreading.

Unlike in many bigger towns and cities, tourism in this area is only slightly affected by the pandemic. In fact, tourists from other parts of the region, even foreigners, come and visit this place for leisure and vacation. Restaurants, hotels, and beach resorts operate normally although the number of guests in every establishment is limited to some degree. All malls and grocery stores are also open for business.

There is traffic on occasional basis, locals go to work and therefore have income, they go home after office hours, do indoor family gatherings, and many spend quality time outdoors on weekends. Holding of special events such as birthday parties, marital rites and wedding receptions are also allowed. There is no liquor ban!

Suspects of infection and those who test positive are immediately fetched by ambulance and quarantined in clean and decent facilities with free food, vitamins, and medicines until their swab tests show negative results thrice.

So what did the people do to enjoy all these? They:
  • maintain social/physical distancing;
  • wear face mask;
  • wash hands with alcohol or soap and water more frequently;
  • follow health standards and safety protocols;
  • more importantly, respect the authorities and cooperate with the government.

These are common even in your own town or city, but consistency is the key.

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