Pros and Cons of Alcohol vs. Marijuana

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Alcohol and marijuana usage is a common occurrence in many homes across the United States. People stock up on beer and “spirits” after a long week of work. As cannabinoids are legalized in states across the country, people are partaking in a variety of CBD products.

The usage of both alcohol and marijuana both have their pros and cons. There are many factors that cause people to lean towards one or the other. Today we’ll focus on some of the pros and cons of alcohol vs. marijuana.

Marijuana businesses are sprouting up across the world.

Though CBD products aren’t legal in all parts of the United States, it seems to be moving in that direction. Many states have made recreational and medical usage of marijuana, which includes the element of CBD, legal. These include places like Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. As restrictions for marijuana and CBD usage disappear in many places across the United States, a host of CBD-focused businesses are sprouting up. In 2025 it's expected that the marijuana business industry will reach $82.9 billion in profit.

Many entrepreneurs are testing the full spectrum of what CBD products they can offer, now that restrictions are being lifted on marijuana. Studying the potency of CBD products, researching the flavor of different CBD products, and finding the highest grade products are all things that a CBD business owner will have to tackle.

Businesses such as NuLeaf CBD oil won’t have to spend their time worrying about the legal ramifications of running such a company. Since many states have allowed the usage and selling of marijuana-based products like CBD oil which NuLeaf offers, their main focus can now be on making a profit. The continued rise of marijuana businesses across the world is a pro for CBD products in the alcohol vs. marijuana discussion.

Alcohol is legal across the entire United States.

One of the many pros of the alcohol vs. marijuana debate is that alcohol is legal in all 50 states across the U.S. There was a time during the Prohibition period (1920-1933) where the sale or purchase of alcohol was illegal. Those times are far behind us now, as many people drink whatever alcohol is sold at local marketplaces such as American IPA.

The liquid comes in many forms, which creates a wide palette of selections for people to choose from. These include beer, brandy, gin, rum, vodka, and tequila. Through sustainable farming practices, and advanced fermenting methods, alcohol products like beer are processed for the enjoyment of many people to imbibe.

Alcohol is consumed in a variety of different settings. Some people break out a 12 pack of beer at football-watching parties. Couples enjoy a nice sip of wine as they wind down their evenings. Others consume brandy to celebrate a successful event, such as a recent retirement. Alcohol usage in moderation isn’t frowned down on, and many consume the liquid in moderation.

There are other circumstances where drinking alcohol is not legal, one example including during the operation of an automobile. As long as alcohol consumption is done in moderation, then state laws don’t make the practice illegal. Alcohol consumption is legal across the United States is a pro in the alcohol vs. marijuana debate.

Both alcohol and marijuana leave an aroma.

One common con between alcohol and marijuana use is they both leave a scent after being consumed. For instance, beer can leave a person's breath smelling like a drink. In other extreme cases, if a person consumes too much beer, then the smell will literally leak from their pores. Alcohol like beer contains ethanol which can stay on drinkers' breath for as long as 12 hours. In the case of marijuana once inhaled and exhaled the smell acts the same way that cigarette smoke does. The aroma can leak into your hair, your clothes, your furniture, or any other place which absorbs smoke.

The good thing is that in the case of legalized marijuana or other CBD-based products, you can consume or experience such items in different forms. This can include CBD oil, CBD-based capsules, CBD softgel capsules, and CBD gummies. Make sure to remember that the aroma which both alcohol and marijuana produces can be a common con.

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