Useful essentials that uplift the décor of your home

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

To make our homes beautiful and a comfortable place for us to live in, a lot of things goes into it to design the interiors of the house. Most of the time we just focus on the big things like the sofa, bed, table, chair etc. and try to work on it to make our home beautiful. However, all the things in the house whether big or small play a very significant role in making the room look good. So, we need to also focus on the small things like the doormats, napkins, hand towels, etc.

When we think of a doormat, we never give so much attention to it. But have you ever realized that it does the most important thing that none of us even think to consider? It welcomes all our visitors giving them a warm feeling as it is the first thing that a person touches when he enters the house. It also prevents all the dust from entering our living area. It has a lot of benefits such as-

· Soak moisture - It soaks the moisture from the feet and thereby prevents the house from getting soiled due to the moisture mixed with dirt.

· Slips and falls - It also prevents you from slipping and falling due to the damp floor.

· Good absorbent - It absorbs all the dust, rocks, mud and sand from entering the room.

· Clean feet - It also keeps your feet clean.

· Enhance the home décor -It also adds to the beauty of the house when matched with the décor of the house.

After the visitors or guests or our friends enters our homes, we help them navigate through to have a seat on the sofa or chair where they can make themselves feel comfortable. Cushions on the sofa or chair add extra comfort and help to have a more relaxed and comfortable seating. Apart from providing comfort, the various cushion designs can give your home a whole new look. They add a decorative touch to the furniture like sofa and bed. You can make a collection of different designs for different seasons and change them each week or each month and add a new look to the home each time you change them.

You can have different shapes of cushions for different seasons and can pair with each other depending on the place where you are arranging them -

· Circular or round cushions – These cushions provide utmost comfort and at the same time improves the aesthetic appearance of the room.

· Square cushions- These cushions can be placed in all the places that you want. It looks good near the window seat and on the bed as well.

· Heart-shaped cushions – These cushions make the room look glamorous and give a sense of a special feeling. You can use these to decorate the kid’s room. You can also add star-shaped or triangle shaped cushions on the bed of your kids.

Make yourself and others comfortable and cosy with these additions in your living room. Use these essentials to lift the ambience of the room and make your home look warm and plush and at the same time welcoming and pleasant for the visitors and friends who come to meet you

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