67 Billion reasons to fire Duque

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Commission on Audit finds deficiencies in the management of COVID-19 funds of the Department of Health amounting to P67.323 billion. 

"The (COA) report also noted some P11.89 billion were unobligated, despite an urgent need to strengthen the capacity of the DOH to address the pandemic."

Now, how much CLEARER should INEPTITUDE AND BAD LEADERSHIP be described?!

 We’re not yet finished with PhilHealth’s 15 billion and now we have @DOHgovph

67 billion CORRUPTION under this Duterte administration.

Wow our healthcare system is really a mess. Ipasa na ang corona. (pun intended)  

For context, if this is a budget of just a single department it would be included in the top 10 departments with the highest budget allocation for 2021, slightly higher than Dept of Agri’s budget (P66.4bn). Tapos nawawala/hindi nagagamit? 

Sa Php 67 BILLION kayang doblehin ang buong pondong nilalaan para sa Public Health Program ng DOH, 70+ DOH hospitals, Lung Center, NKTI, PCMC, at Heart Center!

That 67 Billion is equivalent to 120,000 pabahay with 120,000 families or 500,000 individuals na sana ay makikinabang! Instead iilang tao lang ang nakinabang! Ang tindi ng corruption sa Duterte Administration!

tangina 67 billion pesos. it could have been used for mass testing, ayuda, vaccines, dagdag saghod ng mga fronliners and many more that can help the covid-19 situation in the country. tangina talaga.

Our health care workers could have been properly hired and compensated, we could have established centralized contact tracing, improved vaccine rollout, subsidized mass testing and given social support during lockdowns BUT WTF !!! WALA DAW TAYONG PERA!

Transparent and accountable leadership can make a great deal of difference in saving and changing lives for the better!

DOH must ensure transparency and provide full accounting of the 67-B COVID funds.

67 Billion. Time and time again, (even in a literal pandemic) our government proves that they have always valued the filling of their wallets over the lives of the Filipinos.

The lives that 67 billion could have saved. Kung ‘di ka pa rin galit putangina mo.

Even if none of the funds were stolen, P11 billion in unobligated funds? While our healthcare workers have practically been begging for their hazard pay and benefits? 

Wala daw pera. Pero may 67 billion worth of deficiencies? Worst government ever. 

I swear its not just Duque whos behind this. I feel like theres someone more powerful helping him . I mean 67 BILLION??!

and the fact na our healthcare professionals are underpaid and overworked JESUS WTF SAAN NIYO GINAMIT YUNG 67 BILLION??? WE NEED TRANPARENCY!!!!!!

67 Billion reasons why the Philippines need a new government ASAP!

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