Bagong Bayani or New Heroes: Are we proud to be called resilient?

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Dati OFWs ang bagong bayani, ngayon HCWs naman.

Bayani pero kinakawawa pa rin lalo na ngayon.

Is calling a sector or group as "heroes" is just "token appreciation"???

Pinapakinabangan at pinagkakakitaan ng gobyerno kasi kaya tinatawag na "bayani"

Ngunit patuloy pa ring kulang sa benepisyo at proteksyon.

Parang pagtawag din yan sa Pilipino bilang "resilient" para huwag daw tayong umasa sa gobyerno. In other words, kanya-kanyang sikap daw...and we should not expect daw our government to be better than what they are now.

However, we should be choosing only those who will put the country and its people above everything else. We deserve a government that will defend us again the wrongful (Chinese and other foreign) intrusions, a government that would listen and promptly act on to every concern raised by its people, a government that would be transparent and open to scrutiny and investigation (like the COA and ICC), a government that would respect each and everyome of us (No redtagging or branding as terrorists), and a government that will immediately step down and let others lead if they could not give justifiable answers to issues questioning their credibility and integrity (hindi yung balak pang tumakbo as VP at auditor).

Sadly, the current administration has been the complete opposite of everything that is qood and right.

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