COA: DICT bought 170M worth of gadgets from construction firm

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

A Commission on Audit  (COA) report questioned the legal basis of the Department of Information and Communications Technology's (DICT) purchase of ₱170M worth of laptops and other devices, including the eligibility of its supplier.

In its 2020 Audit Report, COA cited the P170,273,000 worth of gadgets which included thousands of laptops, pocket wi-fi and tablets, that were bought by the DICT from a construction firm. 

The state auditors doubt that a general construction company will be able to legally supply the DICT with laptops and other computer gadgets. 

And the plot thickens. This is probably why Duterte was going ballistic against the COA. Well, now we can't ignore the insurmountable evidences of questionable transactions going on within the government agencies.

Universal store na pala hardware sa Pilipinas. Pati napkin, laptops, etc. Wow talaga! Ang husay nila. Ang kakapal. Ang galing talaga ng gobyerno natin ngayon. Bow kami sa kademonyohan nila.

Just like buying in Binondo. The store clerk will always say: we have that item, I'll just get from the "bodega." Bodega is code for items that will be bought by the store from nearby stores, and re-sold for a bit of profit.

Matibay daw kasi ang laptop na galing sa construction services vendor na ito. Pre-cast ang body niya. 5HP split type ang cooling system. And the keyboard is gawa sa tiles imported from Italy.

The COA also flagged the DICT for over P5.78-Billion unspent budget for 2020. 

The COA said the failure of the DICT to utilize funds for key programs affected internet connectivity in the country. 

There are dictheads in DICT. They could've also created an app and the national registry for covid tracking. Instead, our methods are Jurassic.

This is probably because another ex-military is leading it. 

I think this was the overall plan after all. To assign ex-military and friends to the different government agencies in order to accumulate funds for this administration's elite corrupt team.

The COA-UN Auditor, Atty. Jake Cimafranca, who signed off on the DoH & on the DICT Red Flags have died of a heart attack due to "stress".

We can imagine the stress brought to bear on the good man by Duterte himself who ranted last night that such "flagging, flagging" by the COA must be ignored.

Lahat na lang nang sangay nang gobyerno ni Inutil ay kurap , sindikato talaga ang mga animal!

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