Did Arjo Atayde skip quarantine protocols after testing positive for COVID during a shoot in Baguio?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Baguio is currently trending and all I can say for now is "sana all".

This Arjo Atayde "issue" does smell fishy.

If that was any ordinary citizen, they would've been admitted in a Baguio hospital, especially with symptoms like shortness of breath and fever, and not allowed out of the city - but he wasn't, and rushed to Manila.

Reeks of privilege tbh.

I've had friends who were stuck in other cities and had to be admitted for COVID in those cities because of quarantine policies - regardless of their pre-existing medical conditions.

Totoo nga naman - we're all in the same storm, but not in the same boats. The rich and the privileged always get away with paid PR sa lahat ng media at news. Sila na ang mga nasa ship.

Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong said he ordered an investigation on the alleged health protocol violations by a film crew after 10 of them tested positive for COVID-19.  

Did Arjo Atayde skip quarantine protocols after testing positive for COVID during a shoot in Baguio? 

Here’s the official statement from Feelmaking Productions which is owned by Atayde. 

Production Head of FeelMaking Productions Inc. issued this statement in response to the news that came out that Arjo Atayde left Baguio after testing positive in CoViD-19. Nine others tested positive and currently under quarantine. 

I don’t buy their reason that Arjo Atayde rushed to hospital in Manila from Baguio due to dyspnea (DOB) and hyperthermia (Pyrexia). The fact that he’s in serious condition, he should have been inpatient in a Baguio hospital. Either his PR is lying or reeks entitlement.

Also, was he transported in an ambulance? Coz if he did have those symptoms, he need medical attention while travelling long distance.

To a place where hospitalization is thru the roof and many patients were turned down due to COVID-19-dedicated beds being filled.

Kasi nung na-COVID with mild symptoms Yung friend ko, may kasama kaming medical personnel sa bus na nag-transport sa amin papuntang Laguna from Manila. At saka may escort na ambulansya para alam ng lahat na medical transport yung bus namin.

Dapat may HCW na kasama pag moderate to severe.

Double standard dahil artista. Its very clear na he and his team breached the health protocol. Difficulty in breathing pero naka biyahe to Manila? Bakit wala bang hospital sa Baguio? Irresponsable sila. Dagdag pasanin sa LGU.

Not yet elected yet doing a Koko Pimentel. Hindi makahinga but rushed from Baguio to Manila. Owns the production company yet left the rest of the crew in Baguio. Such sense of entitlement from a business owner & an aspiring public servant.

Arjo's real life girlfriend, Maine Mendoza, tried to send out the tweet below:

Was Maine there during the actual filming?! How does she know all of these things, personal knowledge, hearsay?. Or dahil nadinig niya sa Mayor na numero unong pasaway ng health protocols ng lungsod niya? Remember that maskless party with Tim Yap he attended with his wife. Whatever happened to that? Did he investigate himself? Course not. How about the volleyball team where 8 players tested positive while in lock in training? Oh let's not forget the overwhelmimg number of new cases a day. All of those have to be investigated. Just so you know, no one will be accused of favoring a high profile Covid patient over the rest of the "citizenry."  

It will be difficult to explain this to Aldub fans. It will be ridiculously useless to try to make them understand.. Hellll, they think Maine and all of us here don't understand strict protocol?! Wnat hole have they've been living under?!
Kahit anong angle pa yan, at kahit ano pang pagpapaliwanag niya, lumabag pa din siya sa protocol. Sana inisip niya mga taong maari niya pang nahawa. Sana all privileged!

Paano din yung nag drive sa kanya at mga toll perspnnel na dinaanan nila. Plus how sure are we na di sila nag cr or stop over during the entire long drive. Extensive contact tracing dapat mangyari.

Try to immerse yourself in the shoes of Baguio citizens who've been living with super strict protocol. And u will see why there is panic and anger

The mere news na may shooting pala sa Baguio, tapos hindi sila sumunod sa protocol. Worse, may 10 na nagpositive. Worst, it's more like tumakas siya at Parang inabandona yung production crew Niya na naiwan sa Baguio!

The privileged are caught breaking health protocols, yet no one gets charged for anything. 

Money talks and people continue to die. 

Di ba may issue rin ng health protocol violations si Mayor Magalong nung umattend sya ng party ni Tim Yap sa Baguio noon. So it’s a tie lang!!!

We still wish Arjo, and the rest of his crew, well. Though he must face the charges. Mayor Magalong cited the violations - failing to maintain a 'bubble'; not undertaking the required 'triage'; & not doing the monthly testing as mandated. Leaving the city was just one of the many breaches.

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