Does Duterte want COA to not report "whiff of corruption"?

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

President Rodrigo Duterte urges the Commission of Audit to stop making audit reports that only make government agencies appear to be tainted with corruption. 

In effect Duterte wants the COA to stop REPORTING the LOOTING OF OUR COUNTRY'S COFFERS.

This is a legitimate statement of people afraid of exposing their suspicious activities. If walang tinatago mas maappreciate pa dapat kung malinis ang dangal mo.

Ito yung gobyernong instead na i-encourage yung COA to their job in uncovering corruption and report it to the people eh, pag sasabihan pa. 

That's the intent of an audit. To check whether there is corruption.

That is the mandate of the commission of audit.

So what's the use then of the commission of Audit... let Harry Roque assigned as a commissioner.. the problem with you Sir is that you hardly can't accept negative criticism against your administration.

There is what you call accountability. If there is a hint of corruption, it needs to be exposed and brought to light. If the concerned official is not guilty, then they have to explain and prove their innocence.

That is called transparency Mr. President. You just can’t simply filter which report you want the public to know. 

Dapat: investigate and act on the report. Punish the guilty. Bakit COA ang pinagalitan. That's their job. In other words, he wants the COA tostop doing their job.

The Commission on Audit shall have the power, authority, and duty to examine, audit, and settle all accounts pertaining to the revenue and receipts of, and expenditures or uses of funds and property, owned or held in trust by, or pertaining to, the Government, or any of its subdivisions, agencies, or instrumentalities, ...

Hindi image builder/consultant ang COA. You missed the memo on what they are there for. 

Why not instruct those 'flagged' agencies to straighten their dealings rather than halt COA to do their job?

What do you want COA to do? To cover up for the perceived wrongdoings of DOH? If you can give a reasonable explanation to show there was no corruption, then do it!

Ikaw nga turo ka ng turo ng mga NPA kahit hindi naman talaga member. If, as you say, CoA flagging creates a taint of corruption, what then does red-tagging or drug-tagging do? Have you discussed this with Hidilyn?

He refuses to look in the mirror, afraid of what he will see: himself as the face of corruption. Bakit COA ang magpapakulong? Trabaho nila mag flagging! Nsa executive department ka.  Ikaw ang nakaupo riyan. IKAW dapat ang manguna mag implement ng ayon sa utos ng batas! 

Talagang hiyang ka na sa kakapalan ng mukha mo! MAS importante sa iyo ang alagaan ang mga bwitre at buwaya sa gobyerno!

Duts: panay kayo dada, show me evidence of corruption.

COA: here's the evidence.

Duts: I said show, not tell. Dammet!

Kung hindi ipa-publish at walang ibang nakakaalam, paano mapipilitan ang isang ahensiya ayusin yung liquidation? Pagagalitan mo ba yung gaya ng DOH para ayusin trabaho nila? Imbes na pagsabihan yung agency na na-audit, pinagsabihan pa yung auditor. 

Audit result is normal and part of accountability process as compared to .....E, kumusta naman kaya ang red tagging?

Kung pulis ay reg tagging

COA ay flagging

Si digong naman ay blabbing

Si Roque ay lying

Cayetano is balimbing

Marcos ay nagging

Election ay waving

Covid is wagging.

He who said "even just a whiff of corruption" wants to silence COA. Investigate, gaddam!

The people has the right to know and be informed, indeed, it's people money we are to safeguard and not to be stolen by culprits.

As Filipinos, we want transparency because in the first place it is our tax money. 

I salute the COA for doing what they are expected to do... Specially someone said before that TRANSPARENCY is a must in this governance...



Keep telling the truth, COA, because this government is full of lies. 

See? Anything, any violation under the law can still be justified by this administration.

These people are doing their jobs. Are you doing yours? 

The surge is there. The poor pandemic response is there. The ECQ-GCQ-whatever Q roulette is there. And lastly, the COA report is there. Yet you refuse to revamp DOH. 

I hope that when your time comes, you won’t get to suffer the way people who died because of crisis mismanagement did. 

This INUTIL president is again covering  up his allies. Magsamasama kayo sa impierno!!

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