DSWD flagged by COA for 5.3 million worth of inappropriately documented funds released to former rebels

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Commission on Audit (COA) flagged for “inappropriate documentation” P5.3 million worth of funds released by the Department of Social Welfare and Development  (DSWD) to former rebels.

The state auditors have also flagged the  DSWD over P780.71 million in unutilized cash aid for Filipinos hit by lockdowns imposed to curb COVID-19 transmission.

In COA's 2020 annual report, DSWD Field Offices in Regions 2, 7, 8, 11 and Cordillera had unutilized cash aid “due to the inclusion of unqualified beneficiaries in the master list, and consequentially, depriving at least 139,300 families who are qualified for the program.”

So DSWD and TESDA have allotted millions for ex-rebels in spite of not being authorized to do so. Are they not aware some of these so called rebels are fake? What a creative way to misallocate the peoples money.

Ano ba yan?Lahat na lang ng ahensiya ng gobyerno sangkot sa katiwalian..Nasaan na ung “whiff of corruption” ni Duterte…Or it is a deliberate intention to withhold  the budget so that this corrupt government can use it in this upcoming election.

Hala COA, masyado nyo pong ginalingan, sway-sway lang po pagbubuko sa mga anomalya, baka ma-tag kayong DILAWAN ng mga DDS at ma- redtag nila Badoy at trigger happy na mga teroristang tunay na mga PNP.

Oh yah! Keep it going COA! Let us have some accountability here! It’s people’s money! The courage to speak the truth even under heavy fire will ultimately prevail.

It is sad that the people’s tax is going somewhere, but the poor recipients remain in dire strait due to this pandemic.

if all these  misappropriately used  funds augmented vaccine procurement and food for the hungry Filipinos then perhaps we'd be in much better, safer state of life amid the pandemic.

But it doesn't work that way. these crocs has insatiable greed. Frustrating, and how we want to strangle them until they turn blue.

The massive corruption in government agencies is the new norm. Why am I feeling that there's more to come soon, and a lit more unexposed and hidden from the COA's view.

Talagang lahat ng programa maganda lang tingnan pero kaya nila isusulong para may MANAKAW sila..hindi talaga para sa BENEFICIARIES kuno. Kailan kaya i-flag ang Build, Build, Build anomalies!?

Kaliwat kanan na ang me whiff of corruption! Akala ko ba amoy pa lang eh aaksyun na at yayariin ang mga tiwali? Joke din yata yun during his campaign just like the jet ski trip to China. Ang tunay na pinagsisilbihan nila Duterte ay ang mga instik.

Kaya yung mastermind, biglang "ignore COA" ang statement. Yung isang alipores naman may pagdadrama pa kahapon na hindi makatulog and is hinting on having leniency with documentation because of the pandemic (excuses again!). Let just call him Duque.

Flags here, flags there.

Tatay ng mga DDS ay tadtad na ng red flags.

Red. Bloody fuck*ng red.

Oh well, if they've got nothing to hide, show evidence on how the funds were liquidated. 

Kudos to COA for efficiently doing their jobs amid this pandemic!

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