Duterte and his ad hominems to Gordon: "Talkathon" only wants to show senator is a bright boy

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

President Rodrigo Duterte slammed Senator Richard Gordon over what he claims is the senator’s seven-hour “talkathon” in the last Senate blue ribbon committee investigation into the alleged overpriced pandemic supplies.

Duterte targets Gordon, and hits him for talking too much. 'He just wants to talk and show the word he is a bright boy' 

Duterte: "Gordon is afflicted with sinophobia. Galit yan sa Instik. Amerikano kasi"

Senate blue ribbon committee chairman Richard Gordon on President Duterte's insults: Mr President, you are sworn to enforce and protect the Constitution…. You know why I forgive you? You go into personal attacks. Alam ko mahina ang taong nag-aatake nang personal. 

 Gordon on Duterte complaining that CabSecs were not given time to properly respond during Senate hearings: He is a lawyer, he should understand that. He was a fiscal for a long time. If he doesn’t understand that, then he’s a poor lawyer. 

Gordon: "Di ko maintindihan ang presidente natin. Sabi niya against corruption siya. So I’m following his dictum, na pag may corrupt, dapat labanan... The nature of the blue ribbon is to investigate."

Gordon to Duterte: "Sabi mo mahilig ako mag-talkathon. Eh talagang ganyan... Basta ako, what you see is what you get. Okay na ho sa akin, tama na ho yun."

Gordon on blue ribbon probe: Dapat bigyan ng atensyon ng Presidente [at sabihin] "O Lao, in-appoint kita diyan. Bakit ang laki ng mga binibili mo at di mo mapaliwanang sa blue ribbon?" Yun ang dapat sinasabi niya. 

As usual, we hear statements without substance or relevance coming from a supposedly president of a country.

This is rich. Coming from the guy who rambled his way through a nearly 3 hour SONA....and unfair sa mga chubby. Akala mo naman ay kagandahang lalaki si Duterte, eh wala sigurong salamin sa Davao o Malacañang noh.

What about you Mr. President , you are the real bad "talkathon".The senators spent hours only, while you have spent more than 5 going to 6 years talking about nothing but pure bullshit. Look at yourself before criticizing other people.

So obvious why this inutile president is so defensive of every corrupt official that whenever a senator, congressman, mayor, etc., would oppose him and his lackeys, he would not surprisingly rant against and attack their critics. Puro ad hominem lang, walang senseful rebuttal. Boils down to, if Duterte is sincerely into anti-corruption, he would allow the senate, same as the COA, to investigate and get to the roots of the "godfather" ng mga corrupt. He wouldn't even meddle nor be in any way affected. So, ALAM NA THIS!

The science of stupid, and reality of scamming, as epitomized by the president is in full swing. This will entirely be his undoing soon. The courts are waiting when the political tides will start to turn.

Spiraling down.  

He could lose it after the Pharmally issue becomes more proven.

This person once said together with his "alalay" that they will eradicate corruption yet until the end of his term, he did nothing about it. Instead he criticized people who digs to the bottom of this anomalies. He even seemingly protects his erring and incompetent men. Why? He is most probably involved and benefitting more from the atrocities!

I'm betting most of his men will soon abandon him when the issues are fully exposed or proven. After all, his men's loyalty is highly questionable since they'll eventually be siding with whoever is the winning team. 

And now the end is near....Dalian na ninyo para malaman na kung sinu-sino talaga ang mga tunay na kawatan!

Using ad hominems usually means the attacker doesn't have any logical and sound reasoning thus resorts to "below the belt" atacks against another.

What can you expect from a Duterte who has been a scammer of a President? He has made the lives of Filipinos, except his kin, cohorts and allies, a sad story..

Mahiya na talaga kayong mga DDS! Matagal ng nagkakalat ang mahal na Poon ninyo!

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