Duterte downplays the deaths of more than 30,000 of Filipinos

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

"The Philippines' COVID-19 death toll is lower compared to other countries, says President Rodrigo Duterte a day after the Philippines recorded 22,366 new cases, the highest since the pandemic began in March last year."

After the country recorded a new all-time high of new cases, President Rodrigo Duterte said the Philippines' COVID-19 death toll is lower than other countries' fatalities — a remark that drew flak.

Each time he opens his mouth, he proves to the world that he has the LOW INTELLECT of someone who needs 7 years to pass 4 years of high school.

He cannot even speak a proper sentence. Wth. Those were lives lost, not just numbers.

Also, paano sagutin kung walang walang maisip na tamang sagot? Eto strategy ni Duterte:

1) i-bash ang kritiko

2) sisihin ang nakaraang administrasyon

3) murahin ang sitwasyon

4) ikumpera ang sitwasyon sa mas malalang bansa.

Anything to deflect the blame from his ineffectiveness. His ego and pride always comes first. No sense of accountability at all. Change scamming.

For this old, useless, and incompetent man, our lives are just numbers.

Say that in front of the families whose loved ones they lost to COVID.

Did this dude even check the current data? Sa buong Asia Pacific tayo may pinaka madaming deaths and soon baka maging epicenter pa tayo. Tanginang presidente toh, ni hindi aware sa mga current na datos.

Is he even aware that the whole world has reopened schools and we are one of the five last countries to do so. Huli na naman tayo! Number one lang sa corruption.

America? Yung bansang may apat na time zone sa laki ikukumpara sa Pinas. Hahaha!

Huwag  magkalat ng Fake News!

Europe is not suffering. Ok na ok ang pamumuhay nila sa Europe. Walang lockdown at ECQ at kung ano ano pati face shields.  Saan ba niya nakuha yang ganyang Report? 

North and South America, Europe are continents. Hindi po continent ang Pilipinas. Malamang mas madami po ang total deaths on those continents compare sa Pilipinas. 

Ganyan talaga mangatwiran ang mga inutil. Maghahanap ng pagkukumparahan para hindi magmukhang malala.

Focus on our own country. Anu yam statement na pampalubag loob? 

So dapat ba ay magpasalamat pa kami kasi "konti" lang ang namatay?

One death is too many especially if it is because of your incompetence… You better step down immediately.. Don't wait for the election, you'll never win unless you cheat or manipulate a failed election.

People here are indignant because the president has just downplayed the deaths of more than 30,000 of  Filipinos. That is why there is a deluge of negative reactions. Do not justify the president's incompetence by pointing out that other countries are faring much worse.

The Western countries have nearly moved on from this pandemic while PH is still going on a never ending lockdowns and living like a hermit with the border always closed. The UK is 100% open and the people there live free with no fear of the virus anymore.

Quit blaming Filipinos for this virus. It’s the only country in the world that requires face shields. Enough of this NONSENSE! How many more years of this nonsense that DOES NOT WORK??? All you can do is blame THE PEOPLE?  Do you think people want to be living in lockdown, losing their jobs, the economy destroyed, losing their freedoms, wearing face shields and then after almost 2 years it accomplishes nothing but a waste of time and money? The virus will never be eradicated! Time to move on with life and stop all these STUPID PROTOCOLS.

And still the fact remains that there are billions of anomalous spending under this government’s watch. 

Ghost hardwares? Napkins for OWWA? Philhealth’s unpaid hospital debts, choosing the controversial Pharmally (a new company who grabbed billions worth of government projects, and edged out its competitors who have track records and years of experience in government dealings!) and the list goes on. Yet we're okay with all these? LOL!

Please check COA’s reports and be ASTOUNDED. 

They say the people who turn a blind eye against abuse, are WORSE than the abuser!

Kung may kamag anak o kakilala kang namatay dahil sa Covid tapos DDS ka pa rin. Ewan ko na lang talaga.

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