Duterte variant versus Yorme Isko

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Duterte hits Manila Mayor Isko Moreno for past sexy photos, withholds power to distribute ECQ aid.

What the f*ck!?!  I can see and feel the dedication and hardwork Yorme Isko has. Manilenos always have monthly ayuda (food package) during the pandemic. IT'S NOT ONLY ONCE. Is that how you say a disorganized distribution of ECQ aid? Shame on Duterte!

There goes KillBoy once again trying vainly to deflect his own kapalpakan by calling a hard-working Yorme 'disorganized' daw! Hahaha ...

For Duterte, everything is personal, never constructive — his grudge against ABS-CBN, feud with VP Leni, Mayor Vico and now Yorme. He can’t be an effective leader if he can’t criticism, constructive or not. Criticism is imperative for one’s development.

Hinahanapan niya ng ikakasira yung mga taong pwedeng makatalo sa anak niya o sa PA niya sa election and si Yorme ang isa sa mga pinakamalaking hadlang sa kanya.

Kahit anong sira niya kay Yorme ay alam ng mga nasasakupan niya kung gaano kalaki nabago niya sa Maynila 

Isko is the best mayor that they had.

Disorganized daw oh. Ano na naman sininghot no Duterte? DILG itself recognized it.

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) formally recognized the City of Manila’s “efficient and timely completion of the distribution of Ayuda” last March to April of 2021. 

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno shared photos of certificates from DILG and DSWD recognizing the LGU’s aid distribution efforts before, following President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to take away “power to distribute” cash aid from a city he did not name. 

May resibo si Yorme...kaya guys, safekeep your receipts... hehehe!

Ano pa ba naman aasahan nyo ka Pres. Poverty. Problema nga ni Gretchen hindi nya na solve, problema pa ng Pilipinas? He's the only president who has negative accomplishments. Galit siya sa mga leaders na maganda performance unlike him na dirty finger at puro mura lang kayang gawin.

Galing sa matinding hirap si Isko Moreno. Kailan man di niya ipinagkaila ang kanyang pinanggalingan. He has tried to better himself through the years & succeeded. Sana lang wala nang ganitong pangiinsulto sa kapwa porket kalaban sa 2022.

After watching yorme's live about ecq and vaccination, I could say that he is proficient enough as a politician. He's very thoughtful to his fellow Manilenos, and that is something that we could cherish as as citizens in Manila. Someone who is aware of the community he belongs.

That low-blow vs. yorme is because unlike his ilk, yorme’s doing good. Not perfect but good. Poon is feeling threatened.

I think he is underestimating Isko. Kung tit for tat lang naman ang labanan, kayang-kaya siya ni Isko.

This old, senile man sees Mayor Isko as a threat to him and his daughter’s political ambition. As expected of him, he went verryyyy low. So now we know who’s behind all the demolition job against yorme. 

Taga hanga pala ni Isko si President Poverty? Siguro may mga sexy photos pa siya ni Isko sa room niya?

At least Manila Mayor Isko Moreno's "sexy" past doesn't include assaulting a kasambahay, right Duterte?

It's no no for me for Yorme Isko for President or VP, but he's way better than PDut.. periodt

I'd rather trust someone who sacrificed his all in the past to feed and uplift his family than one whose past is cloaked in shadows and doubt of a supposedly "killing squad". Now, who would you choose? Someone who bared his soul or someone who took away others? I'm with #Yorme.

Yorme has redeemed himself with his better-than-expected performance in his job as mayor of Manila... unlike you, Digong.

Yorme Isko life is such an open book. He never hid his past nor claim he is 100% clean. In fact he uses it as a guide to work his way up to the ladder. This admin perfected their dirty ways of politicking, character assassination, how low Duterte can go, I pity him, poor dirty old guy.

Obviously, the current adminstration is threatened by Yorme. He is set to join a party list known to be neautral. Take no sides, neither dds nor dilawan. 

Because of his strong image and current success. DDS are now attacking his reputation just in time for the elections. They are scared!

DILG apologizes to Mayor @IskoMoreno for issuing show cause order. Ayan, Yorme, kaya ka binigyan ng "show cause" order ng DILG for allegedly failing to act on something they imagined. (The erroneous administrative rap has been withdrawn.) 

Now all eyes on Yorme, the possible katunggali ni Inday. Expect more to come, Yorme…

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