Duterte wants COA to "reconfigure" their audit reports

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

COA should advise the President not to interfere with their Constitutional duties.

Reconfigure? Advices? That is absurd. Also is that a warning to COA? This is the first time a president has addressed a government institution for doing its job accordingly. My God. Bakit naman ganun.. tsktsktsk.

He did not only say "reconfigure" COA reports but "huwag  paniwalaan".  Is the government going to abolish COA?

That statement alone makes him complicit to corruption. He should be impeached.

"An auditor will give a deadline for all submissions, then they will begin audit after the given deadline. What is audited is a complete report already, a complete audited report of WHAT WAS SUBMITTED. If the agency didn't submit everything, it's on them. 

Now there's what we call "Adjusted Audit". This is after the first audit, then the submission of the ones that didn't make the deadline.

BUT! Whatever the outcome of the adjustments,  TRUST with the agency will not be the same."

COA did a wonderful job in doing its mandate. Its their obligation to balance the liquidation the DOH made up to the single centavo with supported papers and documents such as receipts etc. Unavailability of such makes an agency liable on such transaction and makes doubt about the money involved. There are purchasing laws that should be followed and in a pandemic is not an excuse for it. Any findings the COA made is final and being an independent body, the executive branch have no powers to control it nor its findings.

Reconfigure meaning amend or change stating na walang corruption.. Mr. President, COA has already issued the statement that their report does not state any proven corruption. It's up to the govt agency to clear up its records  and documents. You are afraid of the backlash of the people this coming election, which I think only speaks the kind of your leadership.. You cannot save the cabinet secretaries for their incompetence by shooting the messenger.. all you have to do instead is to instruct the heads to comply rather than pushed COA to the side.. Actually, you ignored COA in your strategic moves.. You successfully managed to replace the head of independent bodies like the SC and Comelec but underestimated COA. You have maligned CHR making the agency irrelevant. Now you are doing a damage control at this critical times when nobody is listening to you anymore and people have seen how you siphoned the coffers of the govt to the benefit of your corrupt allies and Durian group.. its too late Mr. President to destroy COA.. You will loose this propaganda battle.. and we will see if you will loose the 2022 war.

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