eSports Shoutcaster Dunoo, brainchild of 'Lakad Matatag', passes away due to COVID-19

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

It is a sad day for the Dota community and Filipino esports as we have lost one of our voices. 

It is with a heavy heart that we inform everyone about the passing of shoutcaster Aldrin "Dunoo" Pangan. Hi's legacy will forever be immortalized in the halls of esports history.

One of the iconic Filipino caster duo behind "Lakad Matatag" passed away from COVID-19. 

For those unfamiliar, Boss Dunoo was half of the duo that gave us the lines that @OGesports and all of us love to spam - Lakad Matatag, Easiest Money of my Life, etc. He is an absolute icon and legend in the PH casting scene for his energy and creativity.

He brought Filipino casting to the world stage, igniting the trademark "lakad matatag, normalin normalin!" to everyone's ears.

Lakad matatag divided our Dota 2 experience into before and after. Chat wheel wouldn't have been the same without this man. 

His passion for PH Dota and the PH teams was unrivaled.  Filled me with hype any time I listened to his snippets. Honor him by making all his voicelines permanent.

The fact that he was the guy behind five most memorable chatwheel in Dota cements his passion to this game with his casts. Without him I would never knew about Lakad Matatag, OG spams the chatwheel and Gaben even said it in TI8 opening. Truly a legend and literal GOAT.

Gaben should consider putting back the Lakad Matatag Chatwheel in his memory. That's the least thing in Dota community can do in his memory. 

Shard seasonal treasure fall collection will start this September. It would be great if we can bring back lakad matatag chat wheel on guild rewards so players can spam it at the beginning of the game and show their respect to Dunno.

Titans fall but are never forgotten. Lakad matatag till the end. His legacy will echo slamma jamma for years to come. 

Lakad matatag, Kuya D. Lakad matatag in peace Dunoo, you will be missed. 

Lakad matatag, Kuya D. 

He changed the PH Dota 2 esports scene and made so many amazing contributions to the community. A big inspiration to many gamers up until this day. 

A super huge loss to the world... My condolences to all his friends and supporters who's also been through a lot. I can't imagine how devastated you guys are with all this...

Nakaka inis sa totoo lang. This fuckin' virus... and everything about covid. Fuck covid, and fuck the incompetents who are robbing this country of so many bright futures.

I'm not someone who's in the Esports scene, but I'm a witness to how Kuya D works.

I have nothing but utmost respect and admiration to how he does his passion and hussle and how big of a contribution he has on this world, especially to PH Esports. Nothing will be the same without him.

Lakad Matatag. Normalin, Normalin. 

He was the legendary voice that transcended language barriers. The voice of our best esports moments. One of the greatest Pinoy shoutcasters who's ever lived.

Today, we could only wish there's a buyback in life. Sana may buy-back sa tunay na buhay..yung tipong iipon ka ng good good and be good...and if it is enough... pwede ka mag buy-back...

kahit once lang...

Thanks for everything, Dunoo. "Lakad matatag" will be immortalized in the DOTA annals...

Can't really believe na wala na si Kuya D, the most explosive caster in pinoy dota. Lon-Dunno tandem is no more. RIP kuya D.

Keep safe everyone. We don't respawn neither can buyback in this world. 

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