Manny Pacquiao defeated by Yordenis Ugas

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

“The Olympian” overpowered “The Legend.” 

Manny Pacquiao suffers loss against Yordenis Ugas. Ugas is still the WBA welterweight super champion. 

Cuban boxer Ugas defended his WBA super welterweight title against Pacquiao at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. 

Ugas pulls of the career-defining upset over Pacquiao by unanimous decision.


It's not age. George Foreman was still able to beat Michael Moorer at 45, but Manny Pacquiao should definitely hang up his gloves. He's got nothing left to prove as his fame as a boxer is indeed legendary. 

Though as a politician, Pacquiao is now among the clowns in the Philippine government. 

But knowing majority of the Filipinos who are still blinded by popularity and fame (and money), they will ignore his incompetence and lack of qualification. So the Pacman may still land a position in government.

We do love our celebrities.

Being more of a politician than a boxer (0 laws passed, most absent at the Senate) we can't trust Manny Pacquiao anymore, these politicians will say and do anything just to get your vote and sympathy.

Remember that he once said he is retiring for good but he lied. So there might be another fight soon, maybe after the 2022 elections in the Philippines where he could fight against Ungas  (Duterte) for President or at least Vice President, maybe against somebody else...since he most probably is still an ally of the Duterte administration.

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