MECQ protocol announced: Outdoor exercise allowed only during 6 to 9 am starting August 21

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The 8 pm to 4 am curfew in NCR will remain in effect until further notice. But outdoor exercises from 6 am to 9 am will be allowed during MECQ, according to MMDA Chairman Benhur Abalos, presiding officer of the Metro Manila Council.

While we appreciate being allowed to exercise outdoors,  wouldn’t it be easier to practice social distancing if everyone was not crammed into a 3 hour window? This only creates a rush hour.

Ang tatanga talaga nila. Eh di lahat ng gustong mag exercise will be crammed between 6-9 am. Bwahaha!

What is the logic or reasoning behind this?

Curfews only promote cramming and social distancing violation. Even outdoors are no longer safe as the covid virus is a full blown airborne contagion...

Woohooo ang saya saya nyan bukas 6-9am sabay-sabay ang lahat.

While they're at it, bakit di na lang sila mag organize ng fun run. Gun start 6am tapos cutoff 9am.

After 9 am pa daw kasi ang labas ng COVID. Malalate daw kasi ang covid dahil traffic. Madami daw kasi tao ng 4am to 6am. kaya 6 am to 9 am allowed ang exercise.

Sa umaga kasi ay tulog pa po yata yung  virus from 6am-9am. Puyat po kasi daw yung virus dahil graveyard shift sila from 8pm - 4am kaya yun ang curfew naman po natin.

If only common sense is indeed common to all.. These government officials talaga oh, senseless as always. Ang tatalino...ahahaha!

Literal na sample ng “oh sige na nga” at mema na lang!

17,231 new Covid-19 cases for today. 317 dead. Tamang tama pala yun pagluwag ng quarantine restriction sa NCR?

Pwede naman mag exercise sa loob ng bahay. Naghihigpit kuno pero hindi nag-iisip, mga expert daw,  pero walang common sense?

So nice of our masters. But I won't be satisfied until 2 face shields and leashes are also mandatory. 

Who knows, if we're obedient enough, they'll let us live in their garage, or garden and feed us.

I'm already practicing my "roll over", "beg", and "play dead".

Also since MECQ na ay wala ng ayuda, baka pwedeng may free treats na lang.

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