Nadine Lustre and Mang Tomas in Siargao

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Nadine doing the most mundane things become news headlines. Last year pumila lang sya sa grocery ng naka-mask daming articles na lumabas. This time bumili lang ng Mang Tomas. That's what you call relevance.

Who would ever think that buying a bottle of sauce (Mang Tomas) would be the talk  of the town in all social media outlets. The power of   Nadine  Lustre.

Ang cute ni Nadine parang nene

Trending si babygirl sa Facebook, most shared sa feed today, “sana all daw fresh while buying Mang Tomas”.

At para hindi na daw tayo nag-iisip, lechon manok daw ulam nila.

I'm missing Siargao dahil sa na ito ni Nadine... This pandemic has made my blogging so boring. Nagsawa na ko sa pagiging Plantito dahil I've already planted on every available pot at our home. There's no more space to plant. 

We've also tried baking sushi bakes, muffins, baked lasagna and macaroni, etc., with the oven that we bought.

So.please bear with me if I'm actively ranting online against this f*cking administration and almost every controversy out there.


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