Online shopping for an Android TV

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

I already made a choice for my Android TV purchase ... It was based mostly on convenience (ordered and paid online - though I did visit their physical branch nearby last Monday to see and compare units but there were only a few units and brands available there). The other factors like specs and price were considered as secondary. 

I was also struggling whether to pick an Android TV or a Smart TV...aside from the screen size whether to pick the smaller and thus cheaper sizes or get the bigger sizes of 50" and above. My worries was a large screen may be too difficult to hang on the wall since it may be too heavy for me. But I still ended up getting the latter...I'll just get help somehow rather than choosing almost the same size as our existing Smart TV. I just really wanted to experience something new. A new toy to reward myself for being a good boy.

So I ordered online, and the expected delivery date is at the end of the month (August) or so I thought....Though I had no worries if ever it takes longer since I'm not really in a hurry. We just wanted a bigger screen to watch videos aside from our laptops or mobile phones.

However, I once ordered a fully automatic washing machine from the same online store last year, but got the item earlier than the estimated delivery dates. Got the item in just three days. Therefore, there's a possibility the TV would also be delivered earlier than the estimated dates (after six days onwards)

Update: I was notified that the delivery is already scheduled Thursday meaning it only took three days from the day (Tuesday) when I ordered online at 

Wow! Ang bilis talaga! Thanks Abenson, you've been making my appliance shopping a lot easier.

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