Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation is obviously a dummy company

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Records show how Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation is a dummy company, a 7-month corporation with only P599k total asset in the end of 2019, is able to bag first government deal on April 14, 2020 for P54M, on its way to a total P8.7B gig. It edges out by a mile those with long history of government procurement. 

A staggering 8.9 billion? This dwarfs all the other cases of corruption.

Let's use their favorite line:

"only in the time of Duterte" 

Mass scale government corruption on the go. Tsk tsk tsk. Only in this present administration.

This Company is obviously a dummy and was created for the purpose of taking advantage on Government Procurement. Well, even if a legitimate supplier wins as the LCRB, the prices of the items are still overpriced because they will be obliged to give kickbacks. This isn't new!!

This is the very reason that this country is bound to fail because of corruption.

Whoever approved these transactions without doing their due diligence have blood on their hands. 

They simply say they were negligent. Ganun na lang ba? Walang retribution? and that is why our public healthcare system is failing because these guys and their cohorts do this with impunity. I don't know how they sleep at night. Nakakapag ngitngit, nakakaiyak!

The biggest crime that can be committed against humanity, is to steal the money that is intended to save lives.

Malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw may kumita dito. Bilyon piso pondo ng bayan bibigay mo sa kumpanya wala pang isang milyon kapital.

Taray talaga ng mga friends ni Tatay! Instant Billionaires! Kamusta kaya yong mga kaDDS natin? Sana po nakikinabang kayo kahit papaano para naman hindi masayang kashongahan niyo. 

Parang wala nang ibang Panginoon kundi kasakiman sa pera at kapangyarihan ang mga taong gumagawa ng katiwalian at pagnanakaw ng pera ng taong-bayan kahit sa gitna ng pandemya. Nakakalungkot.

There should be a Vendor Qualification system to pre-qualify Suppliers/Vendors and a Bidding system and policy in place. Kung dumaan ito sa tamang process if audited, doon malalaman. 

Under R.A 9184 for open public bidding, bidder must have atleast 50% of ABC of the project but since those goods is for emergency use, they use Negotiated Procurement which is allowed by law through R.A. 9184 The revise IRR of 2016. When negotiated is implemented they also use progress billing therefore only those delivered is subject for collection billing. Read the 9184 instead. There are some exception for procurement as long as the supplier/bidder complied to the Implementing rules and regulation. In the procurement of goods wherein the prospective bidder opts to submit a committed Line of Credit in lieu of its Net Financial Contracting Capacity. 

What is in question is why is Pharmally selected when there are others more qualified?

Also, Pharmally at that time, does not have yet secured its License To Operate.

Even if this was done via emergency procurement, the supplier is still required to be legally, technically, and financially capable. Do you really think an entity with that financials can secure a line of credit from any bank? Are you really not smelling the stench? 

This is not just a whiff of corruption this is definitely blatant corruption under this current administration.

This administration is taking advantage of taxpayers money by awarding contracts to their allies, friends, or relatives even though the names of Companies or Corporations are fictitious.

Is this the reason why they didn't impose travel ban as early as possible because it's all according to the plan to make money during a pandemic?

Sana mapanagot ang dapat managot. 

Hindi dapat kastiguhin ang mga tauhan ng mga ahensya ng gobyerno na nagi-imbestiga sa mga maanumalyang transaksyon ng mga naka pwesto sa gobyerno.

Bagkus dapat silang puriin, protektahan at tulungan, kahit pa may magbanta sa kanilang buhay, ma ibunyag lang ang mga tiwaling tao sa gobyerno.

Nakasilip ng opening ang mga gahaman. Abala ang tao sa pandemya, sa pagkawala ng hanap buhay, sa dami ng namamatay sa covid saka naman sila nanamantala! So ano mga netizen?? NGANGA na lang? Pabayaan na lang natin na ang mga troll ang maghari dito sa SocMed??

Surprisingly not surprising at all, lalo if Duque's family owned corporation is behind this sh*t.

DU30: No more faceshield except for hospitals (day 1)

DU30: Wear faceshield pa din.

(day 2)

Reason: Mapapahamak ang puhunan sa faceshield.

One of the reason why Duterte does not find fault from Duque. Mind you, it was well planned. DOH does not hold and disburse their budget by the DBM but DOH is the one who propose the budget and recommends retailers. A very devious plan.


1. Fact: Surefire way to get rich: create a need then fill it. Even better, impose the need.

2. Fact: Cost per face shield prior to August 2021: P28. Cost per face shield starting August, after the Philippine government made its use compulsory: P120+. More than x4, quadruple.

3. Fact: The Philippines is the only country in the world that requires the use of face shields as Covid protection. Bakit?

4. Fact: DoH transferred, without documentation, P45 Billion of its 2020 budget to DBM for the purchase of PPEs.

5. Fact: BILLIONS of pesos worth in face shields were then purchased, at P120 each, by the Procurement Service of DBM, then headed by Lloyd Christopher Lao. He resigned in June 2021 before the release of the CoA findings.

6. Fact: Lao was previously an Undersecretary of the Office of the Special Assistant to the President. Bong Go was that Special Assistant until 2018, when he decided to run for senator.

Yan ang tatak Duterte. Sobrang corrupt. At ang pinakamatindi diyan, bukod sa pera ng taongbayan na hikahos dahil sa pandemya ang niyari nila, Kasabwat pa ng gobyerno ang mga tsekwang galing sa bansa na gumagago sa Pilipinas at nagkalat ng China virus. Naghihirap ang karamihan sa mga Pilipino, pero sila ay pasarap sa perang ninakaw. Hindi pwede ito. Kailangan palagan ito ng lahat ng Pilipino.

They said, "Golden Age of Construction".

They did, "Golden Age of Corruption"

Covid-19 Pandemic has been the avenue of Billions of medical transactions in favor of illegible company connected to crooks and gators in the government.

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