Sheraton Manila Bay’s Sweet and Savory Creations in a Can

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Sheraton Manila Bay's Baked Dreams In A Can: A Must Try!

Celebratory cakes and savory used to draw their allure from intricate piping works and meticulously made toppings that makes each piece an edible work of art. However, with the surge of food delivery as the “new normal” means to satisfy cravings at the comfort and safety of home, simpler and more practical packaging that can withstand remote transport becomes a more logical and popular alternative. It is no wonder that cakes and savories enclosed in tin can rose to fame. Its decadence and novelty makes it the ideal gift for your loved ones or for personal indulgence.

Sheraton Manila Bay now embarks on a fresh take to this tin-can trend with an array of selection that makes every sweet and savory dreams come true. If you're on the lookout for delectable desserts, the hotel’s signature Mango Cheesecake available for only Php 600 net and Crème Brûlée available for only Php 550 net is the perfect find. For those in search for something filling and flavorful, you can take a pick from the hotel’s homemade creations of Baked Sushi (Php 500 net), Baked Shawarma (Php 799 net), and Cheesy Baked Sisig (Php 799 net).

To order for delivery, please call +632 5318 0788, 09175837294, 09175837326 or email 24 hours advance order is required. For a full listing of our gourmet takeaways menu, please visit

Sheraton Manila Bay is located at M. Adriatico cor. Gen. Malvar Streets, Malate, Manila. Like us on Facebook and Instagram @sheratonmanilabay and Twitter at @sheratonmnlbay.

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