The Comparison Between BigCommerce vs WooCommerce – Which One is Better?


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Whether you are starting a small business or you already have a well-built business, you may feel the need to have an online store for selling your product. Therefore, you will need an eCommerce platform for building your online store.

Two Big Ecommerce Platforms

Talking about eCommerce platforms, the two leading platforms in the eCommerce market may confuse your mind, and you may feel indecisive about the platform you need to choose. Bigcommerce and Woocommerce are those two leading platforms.

They may sound familiar, but they have many differences. In this article, I will define and give descriptions regarding the differences between these two eCommerce platforms.

What Are Bigcommerce Woocommerce?

Bigcommerce, an online website building platform, has a record of helping 100000 business owners build their online business stores. Woocommers, an eCommerce platform for WordPress, has reached 82 million milestones in downloading. Woocommerce helps existing websites to sell products.


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Difference Between Bigcommerce And Woocommerce


Now that you know what Bigcommerce and Woocommerce are, you need to know the differences between these two and which one will work best for you.

Bigcommerce builds websites for you. Let me explain further; the purpose of an eCommerce platform is to help you develop your online business store. But there is more; Bigcommerce helps you manage your website, boost sales and make your online business successful.

Bigcommerce gives you all the handy tools and instruction manuals so that you have no trouble setting up your online store and getting your business started and running.


Unlike Bigcommerce, Woocommerce is not a website builder. Instead, it is a plugin designed for Wordp-dress by the same company that created WordPress. Was that complicated? Allow me to simplify; Woocommerce is an add-on that you have to integrate into your normal website to turn into an online business store.

Which One Is Best For You?

With the definitions and differences in mind, you can choose from the one you prefer. But if you want my suggestion, I will tell you to go with Bigcommerce if you are a new Business starter. This is because Bigcommerce has tons of built-in features, and the user interface is so simple and smooth.

Aside from all these, Bigcommerce claims to help their merchants grow their business by 28% every year.

But if you have a very large store and want to build your store using WordPress, you can go for Woocommerce. Woocommerce helps you boost traffic in your store rapidly. Woocommerce works best if you pair it with powerful web hosts like Bluehost.

Pros & Cons Of Bigcommerce and Woocommerce

Everything has pros & cons. These two eCommerce platforms are no exceptions.

Pros Of Bigcommerce:

      Numerous built-in features that exceed the competitors’ features. You don’t need to worry about hosting and managing updates.

      Bigcommerce comes with a wide variety of tools in abundance. You get tools as per the plans you choose to pay for.

      It has a wide range of selling platforms like Facebook, Amazon, and Instagram. And Bigcommerce has an excellent support system.


Cons Of Bigcommerce

      Stores may be at a disadvantage with tight margins by the revenue-led billing.

      Sometimes the editing interface gets hard to navigate.

      Bigcommerce does give a fair number of themes as paid and for free as well. But most of the themes are too identical, and there is no option available for customizing them using HTML or CSS editors.

Pros Of Woocommerce

      Woocommerce sets no limits in customization. If you already have some technical HTML/CSS editing skills, you can apply them to edit fantastic themes on Woocommerce. But if you are not that skilled, you can still create themes using WordPress page builder.

      It is straightforward to use. Woocommerce has an enormous third-party plugin collection, and with that, versatility becomes limitless. You can also use plugins from the WordPress plugin store.

Cons Of Woocommerce

      Shortage of built-in features compels you to rely on extensions. And Woocommerce has minimal user support. The platform has a wide range of users, but you cannot get support sooner if anything occurs. And you will have to resort to documentation sites and community sites for help.

      Usually it takes a long time to set up, while Bigcommerce takes less. Someone with very little technical knowledge will have a tough time coping up with Woocommerece.


eCommerce platforms like Bigcommerce and Woocommerce are end-to-end software solutions that help online retailers to manage their business. On your online store, you can sell anything, from fast foods, clothes, electronics, the best smartphones, or the best laptop in India. To build those online stores, you will find Bigcommerce and Woocommerce helpful.


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