The only way to stop the mass resignation is for Duque to resign


Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III asks for public understanding amid the agency’s supposed “deficiencies” in managing the P63.2 billion funds for the #COVID19 response. 

“You will be assured that no money went into corruption. None was stolen. I am sure of that,” Health Secretary Francisco Duque III declared. 

Unbelievable! After all the bs that happened nandiyan pa rin siya sa pwesto nya. Let others lead. Yes pagod na lahat at pagod na rin sila magbulsa ng funds.  "Understanding" is something the health workers can't afford to give him.

We can’t excuse incompetence. Don’t ask us to understand his incapacity to handle this pandemic. All he has to do is resign. Someone else might be able to do his job and help the nation get through this crisis. 

 "Intindihiin naman?" he doesn't even understand what our front liners are going through. How could he mismanage billions of money. Reflect on himsel.

The moral injury, burn outs and betrayal of this f*cking government to our Health Care Workers kung bakit sila mag mass resignation is understandable.

Pero siya na ayaw mag resign due to oppression and incompetence for this country, hindi ko magets!

To the rank and file peoples’ servants in the DOH, I implore you to please heed the call of the people. We don’t want another ECQ as ‘stop-gap’ measure to turn the tide against this pandemic. 

Sana sumama na rin po ang HPAAC at PMA.

Sana rin he finds time to scrutinize why our front liners are seeking to be freed from this torture. 

They are fighting for their lives while trying to save others and they need support and security too. Show some remorse, DOH.

Asking for public understanding when frontliners and hospitals are once again going through so much hardship?? How can we understand mismanaging 60 BILLION PESOS THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE USED FOR THE PANDEMIC. HOW CAN WE UNDERSTAND THAT? 

Ika nga, "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen". 

We don't need to understand. We need someone effective and efficient. 

We don’t need a health secretary who kowtows to the president who appointed him. We need a health secretary who can take actions and help minimize the impact of this pandemic. We don’t need Duque. He should step down and let someone else do his job. 

Please, millions of Filipinos are dying and crying for help.  He took advantage of our situation right now.  We all need to vote wisely in the upcoming elections, please.

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