Whang Od Academy of Nas Daily is a scam

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Online content creator Nuseir Yassin, who maintains the Facebook page Nas Daily, has taken down the online course featuring tattoo master Apo Whang-Od after her grandniece called it out for being a “scam.”

Grace Palicas—Whang Od’s grandniece and protegĂ©e—is warning people away from signing up to the course, calling the Whang Od Academy “a scam”. 

The moment Nas Daily posted about the “Tattoo Course” I knew it was impossible. How can someone teach an indigenous tattooing “course” by only visiting a village for days? Hindi lang simpleng body art ang tattoo for them. 750 pesos for what? 

The Cordillerans have already experienced enough abuse under repressive state mechanisms. Clearly, Nas Daily's attempt to capitalize Whang-od's craftsmanship obscures the Cordilleran people's quest for self-determination! 

The Cordillerans are not commodities, they are people! 

Not Nas Daily being cancelled in the Philiipines in just a matter of 1 minute. Okay then, see you tomorrow.

Nas daily, one-handedly, and inappropriately, took a piece of our culture, then sell it to us for ₱750? that has to be the worst, downgrading cultural insult I've ran into. 

We should tell this guy to leave the Filipinos alone. Was he not satisfied with Pinoy baiting, so lemme gentrify and exploit their art and culture, too? He's been milking 3rd world countries for poverty porn since day one. Is Nas Daily a scam and does it deserve our attention? Nas daily has been problematic ever since, not to mention how he supports the Philippine Government.

I mean, just the idea of the 'tattoo academy' for Php750 is already fishy and kinda disrespectful to the culture. 

I Can’t wait for Nas Daily ’s official statement. Trying my best to withhold judgement for now.

But isn’t “exploiting our culture” a bit too defamatory though? Who isn’t exploiting anything to earn money? Is it because he’s a foreigner? I really don’t know where this hate towards him is coming from.

Don't be too quick to cast your judgements. It is vital to hear  both sides so that we are able to see the whole picture, which helps us to find the root cause of the problem and discover a solution that takes the needs and feelings of everyone involved into consideration.

Even if he has reason, Filipinos should stop supporting him too much. His NasAcademy is kinda problematic. It has many issues. He will repeat this again and again.

He’s been Pinoy-baiting for far too long. The guy is literally trying to profit off deceiving an indigenous woman and our culture. He already did that to another Southeast Asian countries. Now he did it again.

I used to be one of the fans of Nas daily, but when I heard the news about him using our cultures just to make money. I came to think that unfollowing is the best solution.

"hear the other side first"

Kinumpirma ng kamag-anak ni Whang Od that she wasn't informed about this. The entire thing is a scam. There is no justifying his actions.

Sure, the government should intervene. But I strongly doubt the current one would intervene. This administration is likewise a scam. I'm doubting that the government will intervene because the tourism department of the Phillippines is also sponsoring him. 

The now-deleted online Nas Daily course appeared to have attempted to instruct subscribers in Apo Whang-Od's methods.

Social media is pop culture and Nas Daily has been exploiting it. In many countries, pop culture is not exactly the most popular because they have sports, arts, literature. In the Philippines, where even petty issues among actors will be trending, then it's not surprising at all.

Nas Daily go to hell challenge. He's the epitome of the cringey and harmful #goodvibesonly culture that people love to eat up.

Please spread this. Nas Daily has been exploiting my country’s culture for years. He even gave light and voice to a homophobic senator who wants to be a president. Foreign content creators, stop using my country’s culture for views and exploitation.

Filipinos are thirsty for global validation, of course Nas daily took advantage of that.

How do we avoid getting Pinoy baited by the next Nas Daily that comes along? 

For starters watch more regional films by regional filmmakers.

I hope the international media picks up Nas Daily / Nas Academy issue with Whang Od.

Subjugation should never be tolerated, Nas Daily is just proving that colonisation still exists and we Filipinos still don't know what to do.

Honestly, NasDaily making content in the Philippines by exploiting the people in it is not new. Irresponsible from the start.

Not only Phllipines content, Thailand and other countries content are also like this. And the way he encoraged people that they don’t need to graduate or get a diploma saying it is not that important while he graduated from Harvard is so hypocrite.

It's clearly begpacking and Filipino baiting.

Exoticism tawag dyan. Branding places with indigenous and unique cultures as "exotic"

As what’s long been clear about foreign content creators, they like to sate Filipinos’ thirst for int’l validation while getting lots of money from it. At this time, this Nas Daily goes after our indigenous culture, & we mustn’t let them exploit it. Let’s protect Whang-od.

So quick to take down the course and posts re Apo Whang Od Academy but where is your public apology, Nas Daily? 

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