Ate Gay versus Tuesday Vargas: The tale of two comedians

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Tuesday Vargas > Ate Gay

Two comedians. Different views. One is in favor for the greater good of all Filipinos while the other doesn't want to hear reklamos because nasisira umaga niya.

"Nais ko pong magpasalamat sa lahat ng mga nanood ng @itsShowtimeNa . Nais ko pong gamitin nang mahusay ang aming platform. Bago pa po ang artista na persona, ako po ay Pilipino na naninindigan kasama ng aking mga kababayan. Gagamitin ko po ang aking boses para po sa mabuti." - Tuesday Vargas

Tuesday Vargas spitting facts so loud that Ate Gay and her fellow DDS got deaf.

Ang tapang ni Tuesday for this. Sana mas maraming celebrities pa ang ganito at hindi laging playing safe. 

I would rather be a Tuesday Vargas in a world full of Gil Aducal Morales aka Ate Gay! 

Such a waste of your second life if you're going to spend it by supporting a fascist who'll kill you eventually. Yes Ate Gay, it's you.

The people complain because they're  oppressed and can't do anything to stop it. People "complain" because the government are the only ones who can solve that...since they have in full control of our taxes. It's our money so we have the right to criticize.

We speak and yes nakikisawsaw kami at nag rereklamo sa gobyerno BUT we are not anti-government, Ate Gay! 

“WE ARE ANTI- BAD GOVERNANCE”. Bear that in mind if you want a meaningful discourse. Lol.

Tsk tsk. Sa industriya pa lang nila na talagang naapektuhan dahil sa kapalpakan ng gobyerno, dapat isa siya sa makakaintindi kung bakit dapat sisihin ang gobyerno.

Both comedians are from UPCMC, would you believe? Pareho pang Samaskomers yan.  But everyone has a voice. Everyone has a stand. Nothing wrong with expressing one’s opinions. But we should be taking sides based on on our belief of what is right and wrong, good and bad. We need to cancel one if we believe that one is up to no good.

From those money na still missing dapat ka bang hindi magreklamo? The fact na mga known person pa nag popost ng ganyan? OMG! such a disgrace!

The way this administration handled the Philippines sa kalagitnaan ng krisis (pandemic)na ito is so awful. Harap-harapan tayong niloloko tapos ok lang? Yun na nga lang magagawa natin eh, magreklamo...because the Duterte administration is in control of almost all of the government, and maybe not just some of the Senate.

And this is not just bad governance, but is the worst governance.

You are so cancelled, Ate Gay! Walang himala sa mga paandar mo.

Kaya pala! Ate gay is a DDS and Marcos apologist. Now I have to scrape her comedic remixes of classic renditions off the iconics’ list. Nobody will be laughing anymore with your song mash-up, Ate Gay. The bashing is deserving. 

What happened to you, Ate Gay?

I really hope you read more about what is happening. It affects you and also the people na mahal mo. It's not about governance but BAD governance. We don't want to lose you too. And sa mga tao na umaatake sa iyo, try and see where they are coming from. This administration is the worst for us to tolerate.

Pakisabi usog pa siya sa time ni Marcos kung saab nagsimula talaga magpatong-patong yung utang natin na pinangpatayo nila ng kung anik anik na pinagmamalaki ng mga DDS at Marcos loyalists.

Galit din sya sa ABS-CBN kasi hindi inere yung guesting niya sa Fandango Gabi, Vice dati kaya ayan kay Bongbong kumakapit.

Well hinndi ako magtataka. Taga Tondo siya. Parang Ilocos ng Maynila yan. Loyalista karamihan.

Immature are those people who can't seem to see the grim realities in our midst...Yes, people have different point of views and perspectives but to mouth lies and misinformation is another level. Wake up before it's too late. Love the country not the inept leaders.

I was wondering why Ate Gay is currently trending—and I read some stupid comments and laughing with my own self. Pinoys are eager to defend someone without knowing the whole story. May I recommend this book to you? And you may find out yourself the whole story. 

Beth Day Romulo was a journalist and the wife of Ambassador Romulo, the Foreign Affairs Secretary during Marcos' time. So insider ang Romulos noh?!? Google google din pag may time! Duh!

For your info. I'm not DDS nor a DILAWAN, I do love reading and finding the truth. Just a friendly reminder. Don't throw yourself and be a fanatic. Learn how to discern truth and balance it yourself.

I don't kowtow to either sides, as I myself am libertarian. But for f*ck's sake, naging sakit na ng Pinoy ang panatisismo. This is why we don't prosper. Filipinos are loyal to their brazen idols, este politicians, not to the country and the republic.

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