Bato does not deserve to be a Senator

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

"In fairness to Sen. Bong Go, kahit sabihin nating siya ay isang dakilang alalay lang kahit senador na siya ngayon, hindi yan tatagal sa tagiliran ng ating Pangulo kung yan ay gumagawa ng kalokohan. Dahil si President Duterte, hindi yan papayag sa korapsyon." - Sen. Ronald Dela Rosa

Bato is the worst! He keeps trying to insinuate that the PNoy PPEs were overpriced. But it's clear that local companies were selling at a fraction of the Pharmally prices at the same time, in the same circumstances, --not at the 2015 prevailing prices.

Bato asks ex-DBM Usec. Lao if he was instructed by Sen. Bong Go to favor Pharmally, as it is linked to Michael Yang, a former adviser of President Duterte.

Lao says he did not. He also maintains no one received a kickback from the procurement deal.

Parang hindi Senator magtanong si Bato.  Aaminin ba ni Lao na may natanggap syang commission? Sino ba ang tangang ibabagsak ang sarili?

Bato does not deserve to be a Senator. Hanggang ngayon di ko tinuturing na senador yang bugok na yan.

Would have been nice to ask Bato what happens to helping the Philippines if all we have in the legislative body are "mga dakilang alalay"!

Not that we want him to answer but just to get the message across that first, there are lots of 'dakilang alalays' in the Senate and Congress and that this is not helping the country!

Bato is a true-to-form, honest-to-goodness Dutertard. Super idiot, super bobo. He's asking Duque about the alleged overpriced PPEs during the Aquino administration. He's again diverting attention to what is supposed to be investigated NOW not yesterday. 

Bato dela Rosa is a fucking waste of breathable air and space.

Bato has his head so far up the dictator's ass he can feel Duterte's RT-PCR swab. 

When Duterte eats lechon, Bato’s cholesterol goes up. When Duterte whispers sweet nothings into Bong Go's ear, it's in Bato's voice...…he can taste Duterte’s phlegm.

Madami sila na hindi deserve maging senator. But were elected by millions of Filipino voters...Makes you believe that majority of Filipinos are really stupid.

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