#BuildBuildBuild Memes due to Mark Villar's credit-grabbing issue

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The word "drone" has many meanings, one of which is "a person who does no useful work and lives off others."

Which is an appropriate description of one who claims to be making "drone inspections" of infra projects.

In my undergrad Zoology subject it is simply called a parasite.

Memes and satirical posts pop up on the internet hitting DPWH Secretary Mark Villar. It all started after Villar posted on his verified Facebook page a photo of the Iloilo Esplanade on Friday, September 3 and captioned it '#BuildBuildBuild.'

#BuildBuildBuild and other “funny” memes that give social media mileage to those who don’t deserve it.

Mark Villar mockingly ridiculed for his fondness to credit-grab PPP projects he completed & stamp them #BuildBuildBuild; he should’ve focused with his own family’s projects instead.

It's either land grabbing or credit grabbing, their expertise?!


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