Gear Up to 2022: Quick Guide to Find the Right Cloud Solution

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Choosing the right cloud solution is a challenging task. Various options are available in the market. At first glance, all their features seem to be the same. But in reality, they are not.

When you decide to pick one that fits you, you have to understand some factors. The in-depth analysis for a particular business requirement is one. Security and reputation are other features to check out.

To lighten your options, here is a quick guide for the right cloud solution.

Check Cloud and Data Security

Cloud and Data Security is a primary concern of any business. It encompasses data backup if ever any hardware or software failure occurs. Also, it protects the information stored from unauthorized third-party access. Therefore, it keeps your files safe from viewing, copying, and even modifying from others.

A cloud service means you store data somewhere else. That’s why it is your right as a consumer to demand high data security from the provider. NTT DATA is a provider of SAP with Microsoft Azure. They serve both growing and established businesses and are known for their regard for data security.

When choosing the right cloud solution, check if they have strict security standards. Make sure security is their utmost priority. Also, verify if the provider complies with measures like the ISO 27000 series. Finally, assess if the presented certifications are valid.

Furthermore, look into the server location. Take note that local laws vary. Ensure that you have control over your data where it is stored, processed, and managed, with proper consideration of its jurisdiction.

Assess Cloud Compliance

A remarkable cloud architecture helps meet compliance standards. Without it, your organization will have difficulty standing long on this platform. Or possible chaos in the long run.

It is a must that you have at least a few understanding about the whatnots to achieve compliance. Remember, it is not strict on a specific kind of framework. So whether it beholds GDPR, PCI DSS, SOC 2, HIPAA, or others, learn how to comply.

Assessing the cloud agreement helps you feel safe and secure once your data is up in the public cloud infrastructure. Nevertheless, be responsible enough to know where your responsibilities lie. Also, point out which aspect your provider will significantly help you check off. 

Review Reliability and Performance

In any kind of cloud solution, downtimes are inevitable. It is such a headache nobody wants to have, but it unexpectedly occurs. We have no choice about it.

Although, the number of times how often it occurs matters. It is not the sole factor you have to consider when choosing the right cloud solution. What’s foremost essential is the capability of the provider to solve the situation in time. Immediate action for any issues shows how reliable a company is.

Excellent performance is not only during the uptime. Instead, it highly reflects its capability to move forward and cope up when a problem occurs.

Check information about this. You must review the provider’s processes, responsibilities, and roles. Also, you have to look into their tools and disaster recovery provisions.

Consider The Architecture

The cloud architecture helps in the overall workflow. Also, it creates a significant impact in the future. So, it must have excellent integration.

As an example, an organization under a Microsoft universe has a sense of proceeding to Azure. All because Microsoft provides customers free credits and licenses. Meanwhile, if the investment relies more on Google services, it is best to look for company profiles that ease integration and consolidation.

In addition, considering cloud storage architectures are beneficial. Although most of the major providers have similar structures, they offer different types of storage. Each of these fits ideally based on the client’s needs.

Find out the similarities and differences of every available cloud solution. Understand how it works. Some services offer storing data and retrieving data options frequently (hot storage) and infrequently (cool storage). Most of the time, the latter costs less but with several restrictions.

Identify Manageability

Just like any storage, the software requires maintenance and updates, too. The Web tends to change. When this happens, conflicting issues might occur with the current software. That’s how necessary having regular compliance with the update.

Once you get a cloud solution, it’s the provider’s responsibility to check all the new updates. Also, it is a must that each upgrade is fresh and compatible.

Furthermore, identifying the manageability of the right cloud solution is from the uptime. So guarantee that your chosen provider has a high uptime - as much as possible 99%. Or else, you’ll face the consequences like losing access to your website. Or you’ll have no access to essential software and applications. Remember, the longer the downtime lasts, the higher risk it poses to your data.

To avoid these, read reviews about the web hosting providers. Check out forums related to SaaS Cloud providers. Nobody else can tell you these but the previous and current clients of the provider you’re eyeing.

Keep in mind that getting a cloud partner is a serious and long-term investment. So make your money worth with reliable ones.

Learn The Service Levels

Trust is a must when choosing the right cloud solution. If something wrong happens, a legal agreement must be available to back it up. That’s why before you dive into a provider, learn the different service levels.

Businesses highly consider this factor. It reflects the capability of the platform in terms of availability and capacity. Don’t forget to add the response time and support.

Cloud Service Level Agreements or Cloud SLAs are vital. It bridges and establishes a clear contractual relationship between the cloud service provider and the cloud service client.

Although it is a must to understand every detail, pay attention to the legal requirements needed for the security of the data. Specifically, it must be in line with GDPR.

Look For Technologies and Support

Cloud services are available to provide an easy and convenient life for all. That’s why it is essential to have excellent tech support for it. So when the time comes that specific trouble occurs, you can resolve it without too much fuss.

When choosing the right cloud solution, make sure that it is always available 24/7. The quick resolution is at least accessible in email form. Better yet, it has a contact support team via phone call. It provides safer and secure communication.

In this manner, it only requires a minimum effort. If a more complicated issue arises, you have direct contact with competent assistance.

Furthermore, the best cloud platform must have alignment with the current technical environment. Therefore, the service, standards, and architecture must be compatible with the workload and management preferences.

So before finalizing your decision, assess the re-coding and other necessary adjustments. Take note that the whole process of migration support and assistance must fit well with what you currently need.

See The Company Profile

Reputation indeed plays a crucial role when choosing the right cloud solution. As always, working with a legitimate company is strongly recommended.

Look into the company profile. Make it a habit to check the history of stability of the provider. Ensure that it has no record of legal issues like a data breach.

Moreover, it is a must to see the current financial positions of the company. See to it that it is healthy and free from any economic problems.

In addition, know who runs the whole institution. All information placed in your account is critical. So it is best if experienced managers oversee the overall performance of the cloud company.

Calculate The Costs

Above all else, the cost is essential when choosing the right cloud solution. Although it is not the single nor the most important consideration, it impacts your final decision.

To ease your dilemma, check both the sticker price and associated fees. Preferably, it must include the staff hired to manage your needs.

Various ways affect the expenses. Nevertheless, you have the means to choose which one you prefer. Every provider indicates how payment works. It can be Pay-as-you-go, Reserved, or Volume Discounts.

Other companies charge bills through instances per second. Or bills customers based on the demand. Whichever you prefer, make sure you have the financial capacity to pay it off.

Cloud services offer great assistance to every individual and businesses needs. It provides collaborative working and data storage capacity with security features. So when choosing the right cloud solution, make sure it is reliable, flexible, and suits your needs.

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