Granular lockdowns separately implemented by LGUs will be troublesome

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Metro Manila to be under GCQ from Sept 8 to 30, however, more guidelines will be released as it appears to be a different kind of GCQ.

The IATF is finalizing the details of the planned implementation of granular lockdowns in the national capital region, which could start by Wednesday. 

The new strategy of imposing granular lockdowns will “literally” be a “complete lockdown” in small areas in a bid to prevent the spread of infection without disrupting business operations, MalacaƱang said.  

30,000 daily cases by next week. Government response is to open borders and experiment with granular lockdowns.

OCTA Research fellow Dr. Guido David expressed concern that the implementation of granular lockdowns in Metro Manila may not be effective to curb the latest COVID-19 surge in the region.

Our healthcare situation is deteriorating rapidly and yet the decision of government is GCQ with granular lockdowns.

BUSINESS OVER HEALTH is this government's mantra.

Go on #VoluntaryECQ if you can. Matira na ang matibay. 

It is actually wrong to say that granular lockdowns will be "piloted" at NCR, as what the Palace is saying. We had localized lockdowns last year. And continue to have now. The question is how different will today's granular lockdowns are to those.

A difference of one or two things would not make these granular lockdowns new though. So long as the point remains the same-- which is to lock down one neighborhood or barangay or city, etc-- then you can say that nothing rely changed and lockdowns have been ineffective.

The story can even go as far as saying that gov't is easing lockdown while case numbers are up-- a departure from what they say is scientific basis governing lockdowns that put primacy on case numbers more than anything. Which means asking what is basis for easing now.

A simple compare and contrast to how lockdown decisions were made during various peaks (and their declines) would show that basis for this easing are not case numbers. Which means the story can even go as far as saying where the gov't pandemic strategy is going from here.

As what my professor has said: "An assertion does not make a fact."

Sobrang hilaw nitong granular lockdown. 

There is still no defined distinction, and, worse, protocols will only be released A DAY before the implementation! 

Terms will most likely be vague enough to make the LGUs confused.

Granular lockdowns could be effective if 

1) there's efficient detection (max 3 days) which includes enough testing & effective contact tracing; 

2) enough support while being isolated; 

3) covid sheriffs strictly but humanely implement rules; 

4) officials will be good role models;

5) vaccination is being intensified; 

6) healthcare system is being expanded; 

7) good coordination among LGUs and with national agencies; 

8) continued education and promotion of good health practices; 

9) preparing & anticipating for post-lockdown scenarios (proactive not reactive).

Roque says one feature of the new granular lockdown system is an authorized person outside of residence (APOR) can leave their barangay or street under lockdown, but they can't go back until after lockdown is lifted.

Roque says all meals for households in areas to be placed under the new type of granular lockdown will be shouldered by the government.

MMDA chief Abalos asked for national government's help in sharing cost of implementing granular lockdowns.

Our concern is where will APOR employee/s stay if the compound, street, barangay is locked down. We saw information that they can't go in and out of the area once closed.

So problema pa nung APOR if di kaya ishoulder ng employer yung housing. No work no, pay ang mangyayari sa kanila niyan. Paano yung mga bayarin nila if di sila makakawork?

Saan daw mag-stay yung APOR habang lockdown?

Mag-quarantine ba yung APOR before going back after ma-lift yung lockdown? Kasi yung naka-lockdown naka-quarantine eh paano kung asymptomatic pala yung APOR nung nakauwi na? If yes to quarantine, where?

Unfortunately when the trade secretary suggested and announced this plan, I knew will be a shit show. Since day 1, all plans were trial and error. Experts should step up and take the lead. Remove all the czar and place more competent and knowledgeable pips.

Using NCR as a pilot area for granular lockdown is recipe for disaster!

Pilot areas must be small enough to be manageable. We have how many LGUs and mayors who may implement this differently?

As per DILG's advise, LGUs may implement any type of quarantine classification they want starting September 8.

Under this system, different barangays might have different alert levels depending on infection status to be determined by DOH.

Under Alert Level 1, all industries will be open, Alert Level 2 (50% capacity), Alert Level 3 (30% capacity, and Alert Level 4 (closed) 

However, Abalos says this system is still being finetuned by the LGUs and the working committees and is still subject for the approval of the President.

Asked if they can announce the new quarantine system before MECQ ends tomorrow, he said he's quite optimistic. 

A Pilot area must ensure the LEAST DAMAGE if things go wrong. NCR is the seat of biz.

LGUs with lower budgets and struggling systems are being left alone to deal with all of this.

Remember that when hospitals in the city will be full and fall, smaller municipalities rely on them.

And where is the national government during all of these? Are they going to just wait on the outcome?

How donwe expect granular lockdowns to work when we have the same team of policy makers and implementers?

It really won’t because of these so-called pandemic experts that should not be in that position anyway. May iba nga inutusan lang bumili ng bakuna biglang naging vaccine expert na.

Health experts in the country are one in saying that the implementation of granular lockdowns in Metro Manila starting Sept. 8 is not enough to significantly decrease COVID-19 cases in the region. 

Health reform advocate Dr. Tony Leachon says the government “should not experiment during this crisis, especially if the numbers are scary to start with”.

Dr Leachon: I don’t know how the gov’t can pull off mas laxed when we were not able to do it successfully in the past when quarantine classification was more rigid. 

And we are not doing well in mitigation measures that would make plan of action effective. 

We need more free testings and More contact tracings = if we would implement granular lockdowns. 

Take note we have very high positivity rate. 

This might spur more transmissions of the delta variant !

Granular lockdowns must be complemented by other interventions, such as randomized mass testing, more aggressive contact tracing, and early detection and isolation efforts to effectively curb the spread of the virus.

But the voices and opinion of health care experts do not matter with this administration. Mas pinaniniwalaan ngayon ang mga kakayahan ng mga sundalo. Ginagawa pang vaccine czar. Kaya naman nganga tayo except those recycled retired generals and trapos.

If there are serial failures from one strategy to another, maybe it’s not the strategy. Maybe it’s the people in-charge of thinking all these who should be replaced.

The national government has just proposed a non-pandemic budget with no allocation for vaccines and measly adjustments for local health systems.

But hey we got Build Build Build, don't we? hahahaha!!!

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