Juan Ponce Enrile says Toni Gonzaga is a victim of prejudiced minds

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Former senator Juan Ponce Enrile, now 97, commiserated with Gonzaga as she bravely fought off critics who berated her featuring on her vlog an interview with former Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

He may look older than the galapagos tortoise but there are wiser people out there. 

Wow. The former Defense Minister during Martial Law coming to Toni Gonzaga's defense.

If Fabian Ver was still alive, No doubt he'd defend Toni G also... and maybe, the rest of ROLEX 12.

Dont worry Toni G...you've got great company.

If Toni Gonzaga's defenders include Enrile, she should know there's something wrong on her side.

The fact that Toni is being defended by no less than the martial law administrator, Enrile, says it all.

Toni is maybe ignorantly being used to whitewash the evils of martial law.

Hindi nakikita ng loyals and fanatics yan, all they want to hear is good things about their idols, lalo na pag nanggaling sa bibig mismo ng nang-uuto sa kanila.. may kasama pang kilig yun.

Last time I checked one of the reasons why people came at EDSA and why Cardinal Sin called for unity is to protect you, Fidel Ramos and the others. You still have a political career and you're still alive because the EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986..

The EDSA Revolution protected Enrile and Ramos from the wrath of Marcos. The late Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago was right, he is a f*cking LIAR, BALIMBING and has no HONOR. This old plunderer does not deserve any clout.

If it were not for the "people power" and the request of the late Cardinal Sin to support Enrile and Ramos who were then in Camp Aguinaldo upon their withdrawal of support to the dictator, they would have been dead.

Enrile tends to forget that. Enrile and Ramos are still alive and yet they don't get blamed for the Martial Law that they themselves imposed on people.

Enrile is being misleading here about EDSA 1986. He did help lead the revolt but he only did so when Marcos discovered Enrile’s planned coup d’etat which he hoped would eventually put him in power. Enrile has always acted only out of pure self-interest.

He is in a bubble of their own. 

Enrile probably thought that he is already in hell upon hearing about BongBong Marcos and Gonzaga and still wants to remain relevant among his kind.

Poor Enrile, he only has a few years to live and still he can’t decide whether to side with the Light or the Darkness, the Good or the Evil one. He spent the past years power-grabbing.

Ask yourselves; Can you trust liars? Enrile confessed about faking his ambush during the Marcos years to justify the Martial Law declaration & to perpetuate Marcos’ desire to stay in power. Why are we allowing this pathological liar to open his mouth? 

As a journalist, will I interview Bongbong Marcos?


And not only Bongbong—Imelda and the Marcos daughters, Enrile, Fidel Ramos, and every other martial law general who still survives to this day.

We don't limit it to the Martial Law Victims! That's a very biased sense of history. They're not the entire Philippines. It must be Fidel Ramos and JPEnrile be interviewed because they were the proponents of martial law. 

But I wouldn’t ask about mundane stuff, like the color of his house’s floor.

Just follow the money trail and you'll figure out who was telling the truth. Our nation was left in the dust during the Marcos time. Social Media might change Marcos' image but HISTORY will forever be witness during the darkest time in our nation. There are books and court judgments. You know, same way how you learn about history.

Ang pinagyayabang ng mga BBM fandom, maraming nagawa daw si Marcos. If you were 20 years in power, kahit sino ay makakagawa ng gusto niya. Imagine 20 years forcibly ruling the Philippines as a dictator! From the rugular mandate of 6 years, nilimas nila ang pera ng bayan, at umutang ng mahigit 3 trilyon sa kapritso nila!

Pinasasa ni BBM ang sarili niya sa kapritso habang nasa posisyon sila! Nag astang prinsipe. Asan ang moral ascendancy?

Sa mga panahon ng tila mga royal family sila at the expense of amassing public funds - ang mga taong pinapahirapan sa Martial Law ay kalunos lunos! Yung isa pinainom ng muriatic acid at inuwing bangkay sa Sorsogon. Anong rason? Nagsulat sa school paper ng kababuyan ni Marcos!

Sarap ng buhay no BBM habang bagsak ang ekonomiya ng Pilipinas noong 1970s.

Yung mga Loyalista Kay BBM hanggang ad hominem lang, akala nila porke naupo ang mga Dilawan magic aayos na ang Pilipinas, e sa bilyones na nanakaw ng mga Marcos at crony mula 1965-1986, simot ang kaban ng Pilipinas. Kahit si David Copperfield hindi kayang i-magic ang ekonomiya natin!

Going back to Enrile, it seems he is blessed with a long life. He might have a mission to help our nation to know the real truth about People Power. I myself believe before as it may seem, but now I think there is a different deep story behind it.

This generation is seeking for the real history. Maybe he can finally share it to us. Some are telling us that the Marcos regime is the best period in Philippine history, but in the books, in media and in the newapapers its the opposite. Some learn about the Marcos regime from the barber or beauty shops and instantly they know better than people who were born during the period.

Juan Ponce Enrile: 

1. In-ambush daw siya sa Wack-Wack subdivision on Sept 22, 1972 ng NPA, as a pretext to the declaration of Martial Law;

2. Pero nung sumali na sa EDSA revolution noong February 22, 1986, sinabi ni Enrile fake daw yung ambush;

3. Only after 26 years na nag-claim si Enrile sa kanyang book na  Juan Ponce Enrile: A Memoir, nag-retract siya ng claim, and he claimed again that he was ambushed.

4. Tapos sa isang interview sa GMA nung Oct 2012, Enrile said: "I said the ambush was staged, but I did not say who staged it. I did not say that I staged my own ambush."

5. A certain Oscar Lopez attested to the fake ambush of Enrile. 

"That night, I was with my children in the family hall of our house. Then all of a sudden, we could hear a lot of shooting outside. 

After the shooting died down, I went out. I took a peek at what was happening outside my fence and I saw this car riddled with bullets. Nobody was hurt; there was no blood. The car was empty," recounted Lopez in the book, Phoenix: The Saga of the Lopez Family.

It's quite ironic of Enrile to defend Marcos when he flipped sides as he sensed his old boss's impending downfall. And before that, he was the dead dictator's berdugo.

He is like, you know, the Lucius Malfoy of Philippine politics. Got no spine.

Enrile should not let the devil give him more chances to spread misinformation and stupidity. It's about time to repent and tell the truth, or does he want to die keeping the truth in his grave?

Ang tagal ng tahimik niya ah. Di ba dapat nakakulong siya dahil sa kurapsyon? Kaya lang for humanity reason hindi ikinulong dahil matanda na daw. Same with Imelda Marcos. Tapos mga political prisoners na tumanda na sa jail, hindi man lang mabigyan ng parole.

Silang milyon milyon ang ninakaw sa kaban ng bayan at dahilan ng pagbagsak ng Pilipinas ay hindi man lang ikulong kahit guilty naman ang hatol. Napaka unfair ng batas ngayon. Pabor na pabor sa kasamaan.

Kaya dapat ang mga botante maging matalino na talaga at huwag ng magpa scam. Kaawa-awa ang Pilipinas. Nakakaawa ang susunod na henerasyon.

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