#KalmaAkoLangTo: Harry Roque did not truly apologize after going ballistic towards a group of doctors?

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Filipinos are now poking fun at the hashtag #KalmaAkoLangTo, which is often seen in Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque’s attempt to be humorous on Facebook, after Roque was seen seemingly having a meltdown while he berates a group of doctors.

Roque blew his top during the online IATF meeting last Tuesday after a group of doctors opposed the government’s decision to relax the quarantine protocols in NCR despite the soaring COVID-19 cases.

A furious presidential spokesperson Harry Roque tells a group of doctors, “Do not sit there as if you’re the only ones right… How dare you think that we are not considering steps to prevent the loss of lives?”

There are so many things wrong in his reply. Here, i’ll list them all down for you:

1. Him raising his voice over a statement of FACTS by MEDICAL EXPERTS is inexcusable. The goal of their meeting is to lay out all the facts and work from there. The facts itself reflect the administration’s poor response! And any good PUBLIC SERVANT would know well to listen to EXPERTS and ACCEPT criticism. They serve the COUNTRY, not their FRAGILE EGOS.

2. GCQ was not for small bussineses (at least not in the admin’s intentions). They refuse to continue the ECQ because then they would be forced to give out Social Amelioration to those constituents on lockdown.

Health and people’s lives WILL ALWAYS be above the economy. We can always find ways to boost our economy. But the people who died because of this poor response will never —be brought back.

So yes, the “wokes” have once again crticized the government for the abrupt change in MECQ. Because so many people have already prepared for GCQ, spending so much on preparations to open their stores and go back to work again, only to be told on a fucking whim that ONCE AGAIN the government has changed their mind.

Roque does not have the right to berate our HCWs since they are the experts who would know better that this government is failing in its pandemic response.

The HCWs have the right to criticize and contradict the government's decision, because the fact is, this administration has not made any logical move based on the recommendations of those who are actually on the ground risking their lives facing the virus head on.

Roque thought he was going to get brownie points for standing up for the "hungry Pinoys" by being abrasive towards what's holding back the Grim Reaper from everyone. How's that working out so far?

Everyone’s tired of this pandemic, but it doesn’t give Roque the license to berate people, especially those in the frontlines fighting this virus and trying to keep us safe.

When you're just a spokesperson yet you have the audacity to berate the very same people who are laying down their lives for millions of people because of the inadequacy of the people you are speaking for. Paano pa pag naging senador ka? Ang yabang mong feelingero!

Ewan ko sa 'yo Roque, burned out ka na ano day. Basta't kami ay kalmado. Kalma pa more is the key!

Sa kasagsagan talaga ng pandemya, may mga taong ang mukha at pitaka, parehong makapal. Paldo sa pondo. Buwis ng tao man o mga inutang ina nyo, mamamayan pa din magbabayad.

O siya, I will say something good about government response. The Office of the Vice President has been responding well with the help of LGUs and private sector. Halos lahat ng tasks pinasa sa LGU but they were able to hold on.

Sa side ng Duterte administration, walang good about the government's pandemic response. Pero dahil laging linyahan ng DDS na gobyerno rin naman daw ang OVP, oh ayan, may nasabi na akong maganda. Tumahimik na si Roque at mamigay na kamo sila ng ayuda mula sa kinita ng Pharmally.

People died(are dying!), Harry. No one gives a fuck about your fragile masculinity. Just say your administration is NOT interested in expertise that do not align with your stupid agenda and GO!

Nakakasuka yung ganitong klase ng behavior from any official and the doctors are right, he should apologize. He is a mere spokesperson whose task is to relay the President’s pronouncement. He is not a lawyer for the president nor the IATF.

The truth? Roque DID NOT ask for an apology. Instead, IT asked for an "abiso", or "notice". It is a spokesdoggy at that. IT never apologized. Remember that, medical frontliners. Remember that, Filipinos. We fought for you, and we are losing.

He said he is apologizing for his meltdown, but not if the message he conveyed in a shrieking manner.

Sana gamitin ng teachers ang meltdown video ni Harry Roque to teach kids about anger management, ethics in civil service, political opportunism, and citizen dialogue with public officials.



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