LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis split due to third party?

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Thoughts go to LJ Reyes and anyone who has been cheated on. It’s not and will never be easy. It is degrading and the wounds take time to heal. Hoping anyone who has gone through the same experience gets to meet a good person who is willing to go through the healing journey with you.

LJ Reyes confirmed that she has broken up with Paolo Contis, her boyfriend of six years. 

It must have been so hard for LJ Reyes that she actually felt like she needed to break her silence on an issue that is so personal. Nagtext sya kay Tito boy at a time when she's already leaving for NY. Para bang siniguro nya munang safe sya bago sya magsalita.'

LJ Reyes seemingly opened up how the breakup has affected her and how she felt Paolo had already distanced himself from them. 

When Boy Abunda ask LJ Reyes if there is a 3rd party between her relationship with Paolo Contis, LJ's silence screams so loud. We know LJ. You are a woman and a woman doesn't always need a man to live.

So Paolo Contis left LJ Reyes because of a third party & money. Yon lang malinaw sa interview ni LJ. All the rest malabo. I dont get the "protect my children" line. I feel that LJ couldn't express herself well.Issue is simple, UNFAITHFULNESS & SELFISHNESS. 

I never was a fan of LJ Reyes but my heart is breaking with her right now.

When Aki told LJ Reyes, 'You complete us mom', my heart cried.

Sa mga nega at hindi gets na bakitt pa nagpainterview si LJ reyes pero hindi naman masabi ang specific details ng break-up.

I pity LJ Reyes, but I wish she was able to express her side the same way Bea Alonzo expressed her side during the "ghosting" issue w/ Gerald Anderson. Mas matapang sumagot ng interview si Bea, mas klaro, mas specific. Pinauso pa nga niya "ghosting" & "gaslighting".

For me, it's really hard to go into details. She's torn between wanting to hate the guy but still wanted to respect him because he's still the father of her kids.

This made me think about the ideals surrounding "marriage". It's scary how people could leave that easily.  

It only goes to show that not all things people post on social media are genuine and true. What really counts are the actions of a person towards you. I was rooting for their family before based on their vlogs!

To be Paolo Contis, you don't need to explain your side anymore. That whole hour interview of Lj was enough for us to understand. Kahit huwag na.

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