Michael Yang and Pharmally execs grilled at the Senate hearing, arrest warrant for them sustained for being evasive

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Former presidential adviser Michael Yang, who is being linked to Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation, appeared before the Senate blue ribbon committee on Friday.

The Chinese businessman joined the Senate hearing from a hotel in Davao – the home city and bailiwick of Duterte. 

The Senate Blue Ribbon is currently looking into the purchase of at least P8.6 billion worth of face masks, face shields, and PPEs by the DBM-PS with Pharmally. Michael Yang earlier denied any relations with Pharmally.

Pharmally president Huang Tzu Yen admitted that they borrowed money from former presidential adviser Michael Yang. 

Michael Yang denied any relations with Pharmally, the firm which bagged billions worth of government contract for the procurement of medical goods. 

However, Linconn Ong, a Pharmally official, disclosed that Yang had “guaranteed” for them when they were sourcing PPEs. 

Nearly 6 hours into the hearing, Pharmally’s Huang Tzu Yen says Michael Yang lent money to the company to pay for goods it supplied to the govt. Yang earlier said he had no dealings with Pharmally.  

Yang has been insisting he did not have anything to do with Pharmally.

Yang explains that Pharmally Pharma is different from Pharmally Biological.

Pharmally is able to keep its business with government going through the former presidential adviser, not only guaranteeing but also lending them money. No letters of credit involved, only words, & billions sent to China through UnionBank.  

This again brings into question the capability of Pharmally to supply medical goods and PS-DBM to order medical goods on behalf of the government. 

What's in question also is Yang's earlier statement that he had no link to Pharmally only to admit later that he not only acted as guarantor, but also lent money to Pharmally. 

And now, the cat is out of the bag, and until now he Yang is still being evasive.

After this, Duterte can't possibly say that there's no conflict of interest here.

Yang denies involvement in Pharmally, but admits introducing them to suppliers.

Ong said that it's Yang who guarantees with the Chinese suppliers whenever Pharmally cannot pay the suppliers. Letters of credit scarcely used, it was mostly Yang, said Ong. 

Denial is expected as the trending name of the game in the Duterte government. Yang is also the denial king of drug syndicate operation in the Philippines.  

And what's with the need for an interpreter? Either he talks Tagalog or English or Rody can speak and understand Chinese. 

Paano naging presidential adviser ni Duterte tong si Michael Yang when he can’t even speak English? So, all communications niya with Duterte before had to be translated pa?

Yang says he has been living in the Philippines for 22 years. Hindi siya Naruto man lang throughout those years. Puro intsik lang ba kausap niya? Exclusive business dealings only with Chinese people?

"Yang is not a criminal", says the part-time lawyer, part-time president of the Philippines, who is also a part-time human for having the guts to do all these appaling acts towards his countrymen.

Yang and at least one business associate have been tagged in a police intelligence report as being involved in the illegal drug trade, although Yang denies this.

Have you seen this development in Clark?

It's Yang's newest firm, Paili Holdings Corporation, that seems the busiest these days. It is constructing a massive mixed-use real estate development called Clark Majestic World along Prince Balagtas Avenue in the Clark Freeport Zone.

And how about Dennis Uy, with newly acquired Malampaya oil rig. How many companies was he able to acquire and build during the term of Poon in palasyo?

Hay Duterte. From the very start of his term till the end, it’s all Chinese-related controversies.

Feels like there is a Chinese syndicate operating on this. Where did the money came from? Lin Weixiong! POGO money!

Despite attending the Senate hearing, the Blue Ribbon Committee approves a motion to sustain the arrest order against Chinese businessman Michael Yang and Pharmally Pharmaceutical director Linconn Ong for being evasive in their responses to the questions of senators. 

Yang, through his interpreter, confirms his place of residence in the PH is #19 Narra Street in Forbes Park, Makati. Senate panel tried to serve subpoena to this address, but a driver told the subpoena server that Yang supposedly doesn't live there. 

Michael Yang, through is interpreter, confirms his place of residence in the PH is #19 Narra Street in Forbes Park, Makati. Senate panel tried to serve subpoena to this address, but a driver told the subpoena server that Yang supposedly doesn't live there. 

Yang was trying to distance himself from Pharmally eh si Duterte mismo ang nagsabi na itong si Yang ang middleman regarding that BILLION peso transaction with Pharmally!

Hindi yata naayos yung cooking script. Gisa gisa din sa sariling mantika, may magic sarap pa. Acting 'naive' kuno. Bistado rin sa huli.

Senators are dumbfounded at how Pharmally was able to supply billions worth of supplies with just a guarantee from former Presidential Economic Adviser Michael Yang to Chinese suppliers that they will be able to pay after being paid by the government. 

And the billon peso negotiations were made mostly via phone and We Chat only.

This is the people's Senate. And we must uphold the right of every citizen to ferret out the truth behind these anomalies surrounding the Department of Health. 

Akala ko ba galit sa oligarchs ang taga Davao nating presidente? Yun pala nasa Davao lahat ng bagong-pisang oligarchs - from Uy to Yang.

Davao used to be known as a flourishing city. Now, it's slowly coming down as a place where corruption has long been thriving. Is this part of Duterte's many secrets?

With all the evidences of corruption and crime against humaniity since Duterte took office, no serious move to impeach him was ever made.This murderous man may have played his cards right - putting men he can control in the right positions & flooding their houses with cash.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. This government has turned the pandemic into one huge milking cow and they're bringing home thousands of milk bottles while giving the people just a few small drops.

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