Michael Yang and Pharmally executives are wanted in Taiwan for financial crimes

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Executives of Pharmally International Holding Company and a business associate of Michael Yang, a former economic adviser of President Rodrigo Duterte, are on the run from the Taiwan government, opposition senator Risa Hontiveros said on Wednesday, September 1. 

The Taiwan government is after Huang Wen Lie, Huang Tzu Yen, and Michael Yang’s business partner for financial crimes. 

Hontiveros also says Full Win president Zheng Bingqiang, close associate of President Rodrigo Duterte's ex-adviser Michael Yang who has ties to Pharmally, also has a warrant of arrest in Taiwan. Both have met with Duterte in the past. 

This means that the President has been interacting with Pharmally since 2015. And of course, there’s that video of the President meeting Pharmally officials in 2017.

Is there more to this story than what the President is leading us to believe? Ito ba ang dahilan kung bakit kahapon hindi napigilan ni President na ipatanggol ang businessman na si Yang?

Hontiveros says these information she is now sharing can all be found online, so she doubts Duterte isn't aware of the warrants of arrest vs the people he has dealt with. 

Duterte's former economic adviser Michael Yang is behind drug smuggling in Davao City and CDO since 2004. He is the same Yang connected with Pharmally Pharmaceutical which bagged billions of pesos contract with DOH for the purchase of overpriced PPEs, face mask and face shield. 

Duterte's friends are wanted for securities fraud, embezzlement, and stock manipulation. 

Why am I not surprised.

As the saying goes "tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are" and  "birds of the same feather flock together"

"When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends." 

It seems like when you say businessman from Davao these days, it’s an euphemism for syndicate or crony from Davao.

Duterte from the very beginning of his administration has been surrounded by dubious personalities especially in business circles and most of them rose to prominence under his nose with some questionable trails but yet they enjoy the levers of government at their own free will.

So the government is now aiding and abetting fugitives? Wonderful.

The scam president who scammed 16M DDS into voting him, together with ex adviser & also a scammer Michael Yang (left) who is wanted in Taiwan.

Wouldn’t be surprised if he brokered the SINOVAC purchases as well.

Maybe, they are also the real owners of Heng De and Ai De Lai face shield and masks.

But they were supposed to be investors, according to Duterte, weren't they? Should we cut relations with Taiwan for their indifference to the sensibilities of the head of state of a neighboring, friendly country, by making him look pathetically gullible?

These fugitives have been able to penetrate the Office of the Preaident & even awarded Billions of pesos of contracts, what a fucking connection!

MalacaƱang denied that the influence of former economic adviser and businessman Michael Yang led to the government's decision to buy over PHP8 billion worth of Covid-19 medical supplies from Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation.

A corrupt president dealing with wanted criminals. Duterte syndicate at its finest.

Caught in the act, but still deny to death, is the mobsters' 13th commandment.

Mag papauto pa ba uli tayo?

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