Michelle Gumabao and Mocha tapped to guide women away from path of communist rebellion aka how to legally pay DDS trolls

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

"Michele Gumabao and Mocha Uson were among the beauty queens and actresses have been recruited by Magdalena Mission: Alagang Ate (Care for an Older Sister), in partnership with NTF-ELCAC, to guide young women away from the path of communist rebellion (atrocities perpetrated by the CPP-NPA-NDFP)."

Ayaw ko mag judge but parang hindi naman appropriate yung code name na Magdalena Mission. Aralin nyo muna tunay na Mission ni St. Mary Magdalene, the "Apostle to the Apostles."

Are they serious??? How can Mocha Uson guide anyone when she doesn't even know where Mayon Volcano is.

At kailan naging beauty queen si mocha?

Never a beauty, lalong never a queen. Actress? Ahh, oo nga pala, siya yung kinalakad ni Angel Locsin sa isang movie, hahaha... pati sa pelikula, kaladkarin lang ang papel.

In what universe is Mocha qualified to be a role model for the youth???

She never made amends for any mistake, morals and values are as close to horseshit as one can get, and abso-fuckin'-lutely zero brains.

Ano naman maituturo niyan sa youth?

Mocha is not only a former bold star but she is a purveyor of fake news and misinformation.

Kung si Mocha, lalung bababa ang moralidad ng kabataan. Hindi magandang halimbawa ang pagpapalamas niya ng sus* at pagpisilpisil sa tarug* sa publiko.

Tuturuan niya kung paano maghanap ng fake news at magpost ng misinformation.

So, what the government is saying is that it’s better to be a shallow, brainless beauty or a lying nymphomaniac, rather than a thinking person who fights for the people?

Lecture on how to do cunnilungus, fellatio, or where the G-Spot is? Diyan magaling yang si Mocha.

Soon youth around the Philippines will know how to twerk and give lap dances!

Di ba ang tatay nyang si Gumabao eh nakakulong dahil sa kidnapping. Baka in exchange for her dad's pardon yang ginagawa nya.

Life sentence yung kay Dennis Roldan, let's leave it at that. Gumabao could actually be a good example for our youth, and she could use her experiences in volleyball and impart whatever morale she got from the sport. 

Sayang na naman ang buwis natin sa mga lecheng 'yan! At least, for choosing Mocha.

Mocha Uson will turn away youth from rebellion but could guide them towards prostitution or using their bodies to gain followers like what young ladies are now doing on TikTok and gaming livesstreams, showing off their cleavages and dance moves.

Malaki pondo eh. Mas malaki pa yata para sa pandemic, kaya mga DDS na personality ang bibida.

Ano kayang ituturo nila sa sinasabi nilang 


Si Mocha ay lantad ang pagkatao at alam ng lahat kung anong uri ng katauhan meron siya...

Si Michelle naman ay oo maganda siya subalit napakagaspang ng asal niya dahil lumabas iyon nung matalo siya sa pageant.

This is the stupidest idea of them all. Those young people are idealistic, purpose-driven, and passionate about their cause. They see through the materialistic layer of the society and are hell bent in fighting for equality, truth, and justice. Even if their own lives are on the line. what the f%$ does Mocha stands for?

Poverty and injustice is the root cause of rebellion. You don’t solve that by propaganda parading women to these people who hate the government's wrongdoings.

Maybe... If the government stops taxing people into poverty, people will lose interest going into the jungle with bandits? 

A government teacher or nurse can't even earn a fourth of what Mocha gets from the government for doing nothing yet they want her to guide people away from rebellion. People go against the government because of injustice. Mocha is a perfect example of wasting government money which should have been spent for more beneficial cause

Address poverty and  no one would want to go to the jungle and fight the government.  

The government's solution to eradicate communist insurgency in the country will always be futile unless they eradicate root causes of civil unrest which is poverty, corruption and repression. But of course the easiest solution for the government will always be violence and biased propagandas.

Alisin na dapat ang pondo nitong NTF-ELCAC, this is a pet agency of Duterte. Walang kwenta mga projects.

Empower women to end poverty and inequality. That will end rebellion. There's no need for paying talent fees to stars and starlets. 

My advise is to tap agency in the government like TESDA and Agriculture to teach them livehood projects. Mapakinabangan pa! 

Si Mocha at Michelle ay may training ba about livelihood projects to augment the life of rebel returnees? Eh di ba pa beauty lang ang skills nila? Palaging mali ang plano nang gobyerno! 

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