Ombudsman Martirez is Duterte's guard dog to protect his elusive SALN

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

After Atty Dino De Leon's failed attempt to get copies of President Rodrigo Duterte’s SALN, he now questions the Ombudsman's integrity and believes Congress must now investigate Samuel Martires.

After numerous denials to release Duterte’s SALN, the public lawyer says the Ombudsman “has always consistently been blocking attempts of the public to hold officials publicly accountable.”  

The Ombudsman job is to police the acts of high government official to avoid corruption, but as usual they become the protector of this biggest corrupt of all.

The Ombudsman should serve the Filipino people, not one person/family only. Obviously, the Ombudsman is only there for Duterte and not for the country. He is obviously a DDS ombudsman. Justice is not served speedily nor will be attained on this lifetime..Time will come he will be judged!

Being given the run-around just to get a look at an elected government official's SALN is a definite sign that this government is hiding things from the people that it's supposed to serve. 

Martirez is Duterte's guard dog, barking at anyone who dare to ask for his master's SALN. He was appointed to that position based solely on his loyalty to Duterte, not to the people.

Part time ombudsman & full Time Duterte ass licker Samuel Martirez is co-actor in hiding PRRD's SALN & thus, in the latter's monumental corruption & incompetence that's destroying our country.

Well, if a president consistently refuses to release his SALN, that would certainly raise interest. People are curious about things that are hidden.

People don't have as much interest in the VP's SALN because she has consistently been transparent with it.

Kung walang tinatago si Duterte, pihado nagsalita na yan sa Ombudsman na “ilabas mo”. Kaso tahimik siya. 

The SALN of the President is a matter of public interest. If he isn't hiding anything, why does he keep refusing to divulge them?

You'd think that a man who has been campaigning against corruption would be transparent.

But I guess hypocritical crooks never change their stripes.

Alam na natin ang ibig sabihin nyan, di ba mga DDS? Simple lang. Duterte doesn't want anybody to see his sudden unexplainable accumulated riches.

Our system is already poisoned dahil sa mga appointed ni Duterte. Nasayang lang effort ni Pnoy to rid our government of corruption.

Congress should start impeachment proceedings against Ombudsman Martirez. He has become another disappointing Duterte enabler. He was intalled there only to protect Duterte. I hope somebody from Congress initiate the impeachment.

This country has no need for corrupt officials protecting their own kind. Time for the Ombudsman to go. 

Be a man, Duterte! Instruct Martirez to let people get a copy and show your unedited SALN to all.

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