Ombudsman Martirez willing to be removed from office than make SALNs public

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Ombudsman Samuel Martires: “Even if I will be bashed, even if I will be removed from office, I will not bat into that.”

Most probably, he already has enough for his retirement that he is willing to be removed from  office. Sa dami ba naman ng missing funds from the government, especially the DOH/PS-DBM/Pharmally billion-worth of contract,  the undisclosed intelligence fund of the office of the president, the many flagged transactions of almost all government agencies, the budgets given to PCOO, NTF-ELCAC, etc., and a lot more.

This Ombudsman “has always consistently been blocking attempts of the public to hold officials publicly accountable by refusing to release copies of the president's SALN.”  

It's the Ombudsman job to promote transparency, an not be the one to encourage our government officials to hide it. The Constitution also guarantees our right to comment on matters of public concern—including the SALNs.

The Supreme Court says while custodians of SALNs like Ombudsman Martires can regulate how SALNs can be inspected or copied, “such discretion does not carry with it the authority to prohibit access, inspection, examination, or copying”

At this point, the Ombudsman's mental capacity is obviously deranged and needs medical help.

Huwag naman masyadong magpahatang may itinatago ang Duterte administration.

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