Ombudsman still making it difficult to access Duterte's SALN, government not cooperative

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

IS F.O.I. DEAD? Isn’t the Ombudsman liable for its hesitancy to release the Pres’s SALN? Since when can a SALN be withheld From public scrutiny, specially belonging to the highest official?

When the current Ombudsman was still a Supreme Court justice, he voted to remove the Chief Justice for not filing SALN for various years. Now, he acts as Duterte’s protector by restricting access to the president’s SALN. By the way, the Ombudsman is also an impeachable official.

"They weaponized the SALN against Chief Justice Sereno, tapos ayaw nila ilabas yung sa Pangulo?" 

2 chief justices have been ousted due to SALN-related issues -- non-filing by CJ Maria Lourdes Sereno and failure to disclose assets in SALN by CJ Renato Corona.

The Ombudsman has clearly exceeded his authority in imposing requirements that make access to SALN of public officials virtually impossible for the scrutinizing public. We should question his actions and hold him into account in due course.

This is not the first time Malacanang and the Ombudsman have refused to release PRRD's SALNs. 

The PCIJ, as early as 2019, has flagged non-disclosure of Duterte's 2018 SALN -- the 1st time in 30 yrs a president has not disclosed SALN.

Recall that PRRD signed Executive Order No. 2 in July 2016 to operationalize freedom of information in the Executive branch. 

Section 5: All public officials are reminded of their obligation to file and make available for scrutiny their SALNs.

With the missing pandemic funds and the Pharmally corruption issue, it is important for us to access the SALN of our public officials, including the President. This is a fundamental part of public accountability and checks and balances against corruption.

But it is so difficult to access information on the President’s wealth despite his public pronouncements about upholding government transparency. 

The ombudsman seems to be protecting Duterte's SALN at all costs. He's essentially Duterte's FIREWALL when it comes to his finances.

Why? What will the public find when they have free access to Duterte's SALN? ILL-GOTTEN WEALTH ? UNEXPLAINED RICHES?

Inquiring minds want to know...

This administration is so rude and arrogant. They have the audicity to dare the public to get a copy from the ombudsman who by the way is a known ally of Digong.

Duterte wanted to audit all branches of government but he is unwilling to show his  SALN voluntarily?

Do we fall victim to this lie again? People should vote wisely. We do not need another 6 years of lies and incompetence.  

Remember this coming election is the most consequential election in generations to come.

Remember the victims of EJK with no due process, remember the promise of defending our sovereignty remember the promise of getting rid of corruption only to get worst under his watch. We need a fresh start we don’t need another Duterte or his allies.

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