Paolo Contis finally breaks silence on his break-up with LJ Reyes, denies Yen Santos is the other woman

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

"In a lengthy post on Facebook, Paolo Contis answered some of the rumors thrown at him after LJ Reyes confirmed their break up, a week ago. Contis said that he had to speak up and say his piece."

"Paolo Contis admitted that a third party had been involved in his separation with long-time partner LJ Reyes.

But he was quick to deny that the other woman was Yen Santos."

Read full statement here:

I've just read Paolo Contis' side of the story. I just have to say that THIRD PARTY, no matter how couples deny it, will always be on top of the reasons why relationships fail. When one cheats, it's trust that is lost right away.

"Wish I could've done better." in one word this is REGRET. 

So many times we take our relationships for granted and we abuse the love given to us. Reaching the point of regret is a good kick in the butt and a deep stab in the heart. You are alive, but dead inside.

On the other hand, LJ did herself a favor. You can't be stuck with a man who makes you feel less. You don't even need him to complete you. I know many single mothers out there and frankly, they are a lot happier. They have more peace of mind.

"I invited Yen for a day para may makausap...she went there [Baguio] as a friend..."

He came to Baguio and called a friend. She responded as a friend.

Cue the music! Hello, Yen of the North, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again. šŸŽ¶šŸŽµšŸŽ¶ 

You invited a GIRL tapos you held your hands together, nagsusubuan ng food as spotted by someone. Saka lang nagsalita to si Paolo Contis coz Yen Santos got involved! 

To Paolo Contis: May magagawa pa kaya ang sorry mo?

Honestly, why do people cheat? Why do people hurt the ones who love them unconditionally. Hindi ko maintindihan.

You never laid a finger on them physically. But emotionally, you broke them. All of them. 

Paolo Contis' reaction statement is nothing but a gaslighting to LJ Reyes. Notice how he started it with how he was bashed & disrespected due to LJ's interview? When he can explain stuff without even mentioning it.

It's kinda frustrating how Paolo Contis kept on defending those people involved instead of making apologies to LJ. His statement's goal was not to really ask for forgiveness to LJ but to defend Yen, Lolit, and Cristy. I don't know if it is just me.

As a friend? Baguio? Subuan? Holding hands while walking???

Hindi pa kayo natamaan ng kidlat ni Yen Santos sa subrang ka sweetan sa Baguio? Tanggol pa more, Paolo! Yawa!

Naging marupok? Gasgas na linya na yan sa pelikula...

Wag kami, kahit gaano pa kahaba ilitanya mo walang maniniwala. Yung friend mo hindi kayang maglakad ng hindi naka angkla sa iyo?

Hindi maloloko ni Paolo at Yen ang tao, kahit anong posts nila, I will not watch their movies anymore.

Huwag siya mag-explain sa public, Magsorry siya sa anak nya. More than the ire of LJ, dapat naisip rin niya ang galit ni Summer. Tingnan ko lang kung kayanin niya yun.

Just say you're abusive and go. Tangina nyo pa rin ni Yen Santos.

Sobrang baho ng alibi!!! Pakboy na pakboy. Feeling ni Yen siguro ay seseryosohin siya. Dalawang babae na inanakan pero iniwan pa rin. Feeling niya siguro ay exempted siya.

Ew BASURA. Let’s stop making this TRASH relevant. Ew.

You know what, as much as I hate cheating men, women who allow themselves to be sidechicks are the worst breed. Paolo Contis and Yen Santos can go.

Real men cannot be stolen and decent women do not steal. LJ Reyes will get through this stronger. You can’t put a good woman down.

And please lang ha, tigil tigilan na sana nitong mga cheaters na ‘to yung “outgrow” excuses. Coward men use the “outgrow” card to justify their ways of cheating.

Tamang tama si Mareng LJ Reyes sa part na she is in God’s loving hands. She was saved. Thank God!!

Praying For LJ Reyes. Kung kinaya niya yung kay Paulo Avelino, this time tiwala ako na mas kakayanin niya yung nangyari sa kanila ni Paolo Contis. LJ Reyes deserves everything she needs to be strong for her children.

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