Remembering the 49th anniversary of Martial Law in the Philippines: We all have powerful stories to tell


Wazzup Pilipinas!?

I wish I could speak to people without any prejudice. If I see a wealthy man, I would make certain assumptions, if I meet someone with a degree from a prestigious university, I would make certain assumptions, if I see a man with a big penis, I would make certain assumptions.

But that's the challenge. We have the social responsibility to be careful and responsible enough to.weigh things appropriately, and leave it up to the experts the more tedious and sensitive tasks if we want to.maintain respecting social injustices by understanding our history and why it is important to be aware of it's rippling effect on many especially those who are directly affected.

In remembering the 49th anniversary of Martial Law in the Philippines. Take time to remember why historical awareness is important not only nuancing our understanding, but also in reckoning justice.

It is true that everyone has stories to tell. But in a broken world, stories aren’t equal. Stories of oppressors seek to protect themselves while the other has nothing left but pain/loss. The former emboldens evil. The latter inspires good. To ignore this truth is to hold the whip & lash the oppressed.

The testimonies from experiences of the ones that are oppressed during martial law are the ones that should’ve been heard and publicized by these HUGE INFLUENTIAL PLATFORMS 

You cannot present manure in public and expect people to say it is fragrant and beautiful.

Toni Gonzaga's statement about interviewing people with powerful stories only applies to those with power, wealth and fame. It’s discriminative to ordinary people victims of  human rights abuses. What she did, just amplified historical revisionism and caused further injustice to the victims.

“No matter how bad the person is…every single person has a powerful stories to tell.” Then, she should’ve asked Bongbong, what drove his father to kill and oppressed many Filipinos during his regime. Now, that’s a powerful story to tell.

Or Toni should’ve asked Bongbong, how can they sleep at night knowing that their father was a ruthless dictator and their family stole billions of pesos from the Filipino people. That’s another powerful story to tell. Don’t be a coward, Toni.

To be clear— what Toni has done was to rub salt to the pain and suffering of Marcos’ victims AND THE WHOLE COUNTRY all over again. As if they’ve not suffered enough and as if they got any justice from the Marcoses!

We all know how the Marcos family tried to bury the truth for the past years. Kahit na sabihin ni Toni that she’s neutral, for Bongbong this is another opportunity for him to clean his family’s image.

So will Toni Gonzaga interview Martial Law victims? they also have stories to tell…very powerful stories.

Too bad the tortured to death and the desaparesidos couldn't tell their stories now. Their voices were silenced by Marcos

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor" - Desmond Tutu

“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but by the silence over that by good people”~ Martin Luther King

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