Roque's meltdown towards doctors was uncalled for

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

"Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque blew his top during the online IATF meeting last Tuesday after a group of doctors opposed the government’s decision to relax the quarantine protocols in NCR despite the soaring COVID-19 cases."

Roque angrily reacted to the comments and pleas of Dr. Maricar Limpin, president of the Philippine College of Physicians, during the IATF meeting.

In the video, Roque was furious over the disagreement of a group of doctors on the easing of quarantine restrictions in Metro Manila amid the rising COVID-19 cases.

“Do not sit there as if you’re the only ones right… How dare you think that we are not considering steps to prevent the loss of lives?” 

“This group, they have never said anything good about government response!” said Roque in a raging tone.

Asan na yung "kalma lang, ako lang ito"? Kayo nga hindi makakalma. #kalmaAkoLangTo just like this circus government is nothing but a joke.

On what capacity is he speaking? Personally or as presidential spokesperson? Bumalik kasi sila sa Earth para alam nila ang totoong nangyayari. Napasarap na yata sa sarili nilang mundong di makatotohanan.

The doctors he just lashed out on, knows more about what's happening on-ground more than he does. Inggrato siya. Paupo-upo nga lang diyan tapos siya pa may ganang manigaw? If maayos ang government response they why is the burden all on HCWs?

Gusto nila ng experts sa meetings pero pagpipilitan pa rin yung mga gusto nila kahit na sila na nagsabi na hindi makakatulong? Sasabihan pa niya na wala silang ginawa kundi mag criticize eh yun pala hindi pala sila pinapakinggan kahit na sila ang experts?? Kapal ng mukha!

Also, once they accepted a post to be a public servant, be ready for criticism kasi expected na maglingkod sila.

Pinupuri nila sarili nila, kaya taumbayan na lang ang pupuna. Kung sana tanggap nila ang totoong sitwasyon, hindi na kailangang mag-ingay ng mga ordinaryong Pinoy.

Fascinating how this government is digging their graves. Nagtitimpi lang mga tao and they still keep poking us. If HCWs abandon the frontlines, that’s when government will succumb to the power of the people.

Roque owes doctors an apology over his "rude behavior" toward them.

Filipinos deserve much more than an apology from Harry Roque. 


We deserve competent and compassionate officials who recognize that their job is to serve the people, not lord over them.

This government has forgotten that they are meant to serve US and not the other way around. Who after all, is paying for their salaries?

Roque should listen to health workers, not insult them.

“Hindi magandang ehemplo si spox Roque kasi kung ikaw ay nasa ganyang posisyon, dapat pinapakinggan at iniintindi mo kung saan nanggagaling ang sentimyento ng HCWs.” 

"Kung ikaw (Roque) ay nanggagatong lang at baseless kung magsalita, hindi ko sigurado kung karapat-dapat ka ring iboto kahit sa Senado sa darating na eleksyon. Alam kong tatakbo ka ng senador. Hindi maganda na ang isang mambabatas ay may ganyang attitude."

Hindi sya karapat-dapat kahit anong posisyon. Period.

Roque’s behavior is uncalled for. The presidential spokesperson should look after his mental state. 

Roque, from a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, how effective is the white-sand to your mental health now? 

Dalhin asap si Harry Roque sa dolomite beach to cure his meltdown.

Roque better step down. He’s not even a huge help. He doesn’t give hope to any people at all. He is disrespectful and unprofessional.

Roque is actually guilt-tripping our health workers and the whole nation, making the government look good amidst its failure. 

Classic state rhetoric. Walang sorry sorry, sa atin pa sinisi. 

Sa totoo lang, ang kapal ni Roque to shout at concerned doctors when he can easily use whatever connection he has to get a hospital bed ahead of other more critical patients whenever he needs to.

Dalawang beses na nagka-COVID si Roque. Kung di dahil sa mga HCW, ewan ko kung ano nangyari sa kanya. 

Who knows? 

Maybe third time’s the charm.

Next time, send him to the VET.

ASAL HAYOP naman eh.

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