Roque’s alma mater opposes his nomination to the UN’s International Law Commission

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

UP Diliman administrators on Tuesday were the latest to oppose Palace spokesman Harry Roque's nomination to the International Law Commission, citing his "very poor" record of defending human rights under the Duterte administration. 

The UP Integrated School Executive Committee agrees with the UP Diliman Executive Committee in opposing Roque’s bid to join the International Law Commission. 

“Atty. Roque has a very poor track record of promoting, defending and fulfilling the human rights and the rule of law, especially during the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte in which he serves as a Cabinet member,” the committee said. 

Note that Roque spent most of his student and professional life in UP Diliman. 

Now even the UP Diliman Executive Committee is rejecting his bid to join the International Law Commission. 

Roque spent his high school years at UPIS, graduating in 1982. 

The National Union of Peoples' Lawyers says  Roque is "morally undeserving" to be part of the ILC, despite his academic and professional background. 

"Competence is meaningful only with consistency, integrity and credibility." 

At the opening day of the UN General Assembly where elections for the ILC will take place, Bayan USA NE mobilized in front of the UN to register opposition to Harry Roque's bid for a seat in the ILC. There's no place for Duterte apologists & fascist propagandists at the ILC! 

Free Legal Assistance Group objects to presidential spox Harry Roque’s nomination to the International Law Commission, saying he does not possess the qualifications because he is a political partisan, citing his statements showing “lack of integrity and character.” 

Meanwhile, Roque maintained that he is qualified to a seat in the International Law Commission, saying opposition from his former employer and alma mater UP Diliman is only due to his political affiliation to President Duterte. Kapal talaga ng apog. Hindi na nahiya na isinusuka na siya ng tao.

Tama yan! Ostracize him. From human rights "defender' to human rights violator supporter plus bastos pa ang ugali. Hindi sya naangkop sa UN. Even his Alma Mater denies him now. When your own school disowns you, it's all downhill from there. It's a sad life when karma hits.

It speaks a lot how morally corrupt Roque is. Roque is a traitor to the Filipino people. When a lawyer defends the criminal against the innocent, he has thrown away his own humanity..

Salamat at maraming hindi bulag sa katotohanan ng nangyayari.

What a shame, Roque. What a shame! Kailan naman kaya openly isusuka ng San Beda si Digong? Perhaps when the 2022 election is near.

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