The dark years of the Marcos dictatorship

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

In the face of aggressive revisionism, both deliberate and inadvertent (but mostly deliberate), it’s important to revisit the facts and review the lessons we’ve learned from the dark years of the Marcos dictatorship. Here’s one succinct presentation:

In this first episode of Big Steal, we learn how former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos became one of the richest, and most corrupt men, in Southeast Asia. 

Watch the full episode here:

The comment section in YouTube is worrisome, baffling, amusing and infuriating all at the same time. And the number of dislikes, grabe. Nakakapanlumo ang misinformation sa panahon ngayon. It's terrifying, ang lala na pala ng historical revisionism.

This one is in Filipino, courtesy of GMA News:

"Our history is tragic. But no matter how tragic the past is, we must not forget. We must never forget. To forget is to deny the present any significant meaning" - Tin Lazaro (Alone Together)

Sana lahat ng journalists ay walang kinikilingan. Ang opinyon ay lagi dapat base sa katotohanan lang. 

Kaya nagkalokoloko ang Pilipinas dahil ni normalize ang pangungurakot at pagpatay ng mga Pilipino kaya parang umiikot lang tayo at wala ng pagbabago..Hay! kailan kaya matututo ang Pinoy?

The only valid facts are the court rulings and testimonies of victims. Iyon lang ang pagbasihan natin. It's all there. The evidences are present. You just have to set aside your bias.

How do we fight the misinformation? I cannot believe how people are not aware or are denying the facts when it is laid before them.

I just hope the people who need to see this will actually listen, given how social media algorithms, in the pursuit of profit above all else, create echo chambers and inadvertently reshape user behavior, to the detriment of communal health. 

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