The healthcare system is breaking yet IATF recommends lifting travel bans to 10 countries

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

“What we have been fearing to happen has already happened. Our healthcare system can no longer handle our COVID-19 cases,” Dr. Maricar Limpin, convenor of the Healthcare Professional Alliance Against COVID-19, said.

This is true.. Yung malaking government hospital dito sa amin, nag emergency hiring ng nurses sa covid ward, kasi ang dami na ng pasyente. Pami-pamilya ang nasa isolation areas sa hospital. Lahat symptomatic. Unlike before na isa lang nagpopositive sa bahay, ngayon, ubusan na. 

But the DOH and IATF are saying differently and deciding against reality...Ang pinaka-kawawa dito eh yung mga pasyente.

I hope the DoH can straighten out its figures. Kapag sila ang nagsalita, parang everything is under control. Pero pag pinakinggan mo naman ang private hospitals and doctors, uma ARAY na sila sa hirap. Ano ba talaga DoH? 

There is no healthcare facility if there are no healthcare workers. That is the truth.

But when "talk to the people" happens, it's nothing but grown men patting themselves on the back?   Good job DOH, good job President, good job build-build-build, good job IATF,...the country handled Covid very well.  Now what??? 

This is the result when those who are in position fail to speak out against the root cause of the problem. Ironic since they are the doctors. They would not even speak up against the face shield requirement when it's been exposed as nothing but official racket.

Pandemic is the government's business.. Remember the reason why they dropped the ball at hindi natuloy bumili ng Pfizer vaccine nung una because of who knows? Heto pala,  medical supplies ay overpriced.. plus Sinovac needs them then.  Now more money for the government,  tapos i-oopen ang travel restrictions pala para magkaroon tayo ng Mu variant?

"President Duterte has approved the recommendation of the IATF to lift the travel restrictions on 10 countries effective September 6, 2021, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said."

The IATF recommendation is to lift current travel restrictions on India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia starting Monday, September 6.

IATF recommends to lift current travel restrictions

IATF approves granular lockdown starting with NCR, even if we’re currently at 20k+ new cases daily and 28% positivity rate.

From one stupid idea to the next! The IATF IS ON A ROLL SINCE MARCH 2020!

IATF is living up to its motto: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result."

The IATF is a waste of time and money! They shouldn't be contemplating if we will ease quarantine classification when our country is facing 20K cases per day. Once again, it will be our healthcare industry that will immensely suffer from this! 

We are losing because we are choosing economy vs health without realizing that economy will never rebound when people are sick and dying.

The government lifted travel restrictions on 10 countries..and yet the people of the Philippines need to go through a lot travel restrictions & travel requirements visiting other places in our own country. 

Bakit kaya ganoon? Hindi na nga tayo magkanda ugaga sa pagpigil ng local transmissions, dadagdagan pa nila?

Sabaw na ba sila? Kailangan i manage local transmission tapos mag oopen pa sa ibang countries? Are they out of their minds?

Is that a smart move considering hospitals are filled to the brim and Filipinos are asked to stay home? Welcome welcome welcome one and all to the Philippines?

It's SUICIDE!!! Ganoon ba ka desperate na kumita ng pera ang gobyernong ito eh hindi pa mai-stabilize ang sitwasyon dito sa bansa natin?! Babagsak talaga tayo niyan sa ginagawa nila!

Sorry na lang po bawal daw kayo magreklamo sabi ni Teddybird at ng mga DDS. Yang mga ganyan ay ngawngaw lang daw ng mga teroristang NPA. Pasensyahan po. 

The Philippine government's corruption is KILLING COVID PATIENTS. 

It never stops to amass more. 

Napakagaling talaga ng binoto ng taong bayan! It’s dreadful to think kung ilang matinong presidente at ilang taon ang bubunuin para lang maitama ang ginagawa ng administration na to talaga. Not to mention yung budget for 2022?! Parang wala ng consideration for COVID.

Let us learn from this mistake, vote wisely, support genuine public service.

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