The IATF is clearly clueless in their pandemic response strategies

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The IATF is making up a bunch of "palabok terms and lockdown variations to feel like they’re actually doing something effective.

May bagong guidelines at restrictions ulit? granular lockdown? Does the IATF realize that they're only making people more confused with all these terminologies na hindi naman nila madefine nang maayos?

DOH reports 20,310 new cases today, the 2nd highest daily tally since the pandemic started ⚠️

DOH also announces 193 deaths.

The 27.4% positivity rate is the 3rd highest since testing data became available ‼️

The 158,994 active cases are the highest since April 17. 

From the data , we can discern ‘that DOH, IATF and @ntfcovid19ph have no clear diagnosis to curb the cases ; high positivity rate due to low testings. 

Low testings - less contact tracings = more transmission ! 

It’s simple.  

But nobody’s listening. Thus we all suffer.

The Philippines has more than 2 million COVID 19 cases. It took only 4 months (April to August) to double the cases from 1 million to 2 million.

And we still have Duque as DOH Secretary. Ted Herbosa as consultant of the IATF. Duterte as President.

Kelan na people power?

This administration does not plan to solve the pandemic. They have 0% incentive to do so. 

They just plan to keep the infection rate high enough but not collapsing the healthcare system so they could keep everyone under control of the IATF. 

But watch them fail miserably.

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